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  1. Tigerbalm

    Odd things I've noticed since moving!

    Morning tea is an actual thing. I get laughed at every time I say "route"and don't pronounce it "rowte" I also got laughed at today for saying "off licence" instead of "bottleo" Wood fired pizzas seem to be the USP in every single pub, bar and restaurant Great post Jen!
  2. Tigerbalm

    Senior High School

    I can also vouch for what Ali says, we had our hearts set on Willetton because of the league tables. Our daughter had got into a good Grammar in the UK so we felt like we owed it to her to get her into a top performing school. But when looking around our local area we were sold on the smaller, more personable Leeming. It was the right decision, our daughter is flying there and is so happy. The feel for a place is so important.
  3. Tigerbalm


    Forgot to say, have 2 girls age 11 and 12 and live in Leeming
  4. Tigerbalm


    Hi both, I've been here 16 months and while I'm starting to meet people it's very slow going and I would love to meet some other girls for coffee etc. Mother in law is here til end of Jan but after that I'm up for meeting.
  5. Tigerbalm

    Flights booked, here we come!!

    How exciting! Do look at Leeming too! It's a lovely suburb with a great school.
  6. Tigerbalm

    What is it like living in The Perth Hills?

    its nice to see old threads resurrected sometimes, especially when they contain info about different areas to live or visit. Thanks for this, I enjoyed reading it.
  7. Tigerbalm

    Finally we can move on to next stage....

    The end..... Or the beginning???? Good luck! It's reaching the exciting stage!
  8. Tigerbalm

    High school electives

    Thought the AEP may have been the reason, but then the person I was speaking to has a child doing the GATE which I thought would mean even less electives! Not too worried about my yr 7 daughter as she's more than happy to stick with the two she's chosen all the way through, but wondering what to do with my year 5 daughter as I think she'll have a tough choice choosing.
  9. Tigerbalm

    High school electives

    This may be a very silly question but how many electives are year 7 students supposed to have per semester, on top of their core subjects? My daughter does two and I always thought that was across the board, however I have just had a conversation with someone that told me she should be allowed to do more and it depends on the school?
  10. Hi can anyone help? I have to work the occasional Sunday in the City and my family and I thought it would be nice to go for dinner after I've finished every so often- but our knowledge of places to go is limited! Can anyone recommend anywhere? We're looking for somewhere fairly informal but family friendly.
  11. I'm also in Leeming! Husband is a workaholic but I'm always up for a social! Got 2 kids, 12 and 10.
  12. Tigerbalm

    So what are you up to?

    I am spending my free time ferrying my girls to extra dance rehearsals that keep getting arranged last minute with no thoughts to other family arrangements or work commitments! On the plus side we are settling in nicely, my husband had a promotion, I've found a job that I love and my girls have not looked back from day one, and are totally settled in with the accents to prove it! Life is good.
  13. Tigerbalm

    China Southern Airways

    My mother in law flew out with them. She said they were adequate. They fly 787s into Perth which is a beautiful modern aircraft. I worked for the company that handled their customer service at Perth for a while, they always had a diverse range of customers in the check in line, lots of connections to Europe.
  14. Tigerbalm

    You know you're in Perth when....

    We went out to dinner the other night and my poor children were exposed to such shockingly explicit language from the group of adults next to us that we had to move. And they all had British accents. Just my 2 cents, I'll go back to mostly lurking now.
  15. Crown were looking for casual massage and beauty therapists recently