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    New to Quinns rocks

    Hi! yay that's exciting! We have only been here 3 weeks but so far we love it. My husband has family in mindarie and Clarkson, but we always liked quinns. I was really worried about picking the right school, but I can not fault quinns beach primary at all! It's an independent public school so no fees to pay. Just a list of books and supplies you have to buy. I think kindy has a $50 voluntary fee. they have been so helpful from the start. We secured a rental before we arrived in the catchment area so I was able to enrole my eldest before we left the UK. He actually started school 18 hours after we arrived here!. All the staff have been very welcoming and helpful. I have heard butler primary school is not that great?! Mindarie primary is meant to be fantastic, would have picked that school but rentals in the catchment area out of our price range and the school sometimes has a waiting list! I have not researched secondary yet, but my hairdresser said that some of the schools have parents apply 5years in advance. Also can be very strict on catchment areas I've been told. That said I have also been told that some of the expensive schools are not always that great? I'm hoping that I can pick the brains of the mums at school about secondary and hear their opinions xx
  2. Hi, My family and I have just moved to Quinns rocks and looking to find some friends to meet up with/ chat etc. my eldest little boy has started school at Quinns beach school (pre-primary), and my youngest boy will start kindy in 2016. I currently don't have a car:sad: so I'm very limited of what I can do! But hopefully will get one in the next month or so! Just looking to have a natter and a cuppa. Also any advice or recommendations on the area for stuff for the kids to do would be greatly appreciated ? sarah x
  3. Ha ha yes i could but the clinic with our info has been closed, I'm just being impatient x
  4. hi, me, my husband, and 2 little boys had our medicals on the 7th of august and after 5 weeks waiting we have just found out that my husband is required to also have a "950 examination"? I just wondered if anyone had any idea what this would entail as we have all already had blood, xray etc ... many thanks
  5. Sbond

    Humira- any advice?

    hi, I just wondered if anyone has passed a medical whilst being on humira? Our visas have been granted pending medicals. We are booked in for our medicals on the 8th of August and are getting a little worried that his expensive medicine may mean our visas are rejected? many thanks:sad: