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    Mobile Beauty Therapist

    Thanks everybody, sorry I'm getting to grips how PP works, I haven't realized that I have replies! I'm in Mullaloo area but I do travel a far way to work (Subiaco) so it isn't a struggle for me if you live a bit out! :-)
  2. Jessicafreeman

    Mobile Beauty Therapist

    In a couple of weeks I'm setting up my own mobile beauty therapy business (just waiting for my last little bits to be delivered) My services include Manicure, Pedicure, Shellac, Waxing, Eyelash and brow tinting, Facials and Massage. I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to carry on my beauty services when I left Yorkshire but as I only work 4 days in the week and nearly having a heart attack seeing the massively expensive beauty prices out there, I've decided to create a reasonable and affordable price list Please email me for more information such as price lists and services as I can't advertise on the threads Thanks :smile2: Jessica
  3. your welcome! good luck :)
  4. Okay, i will do that. Thank you :)
  5. On your CV, put that your on a holiday visa but mention that you are looking for sponsorship (even if your not) as you look more employable, if they ring you up and ask you if you are on a visa explain this too! Pop a picture (I've just used a profile picture from facebook haha) to show your well presented and try exploring different suburbs because if you look in shop windows there are advertisements in windows too! Try Subiaco, I work there and I've seen loads of ads in the windows a short walk away from the train station, and its a fab little town! I'm from the UK :)
  6. Hi there, your welcome! I'm currently living in Joondalup in a suburb called Connolly but moving to Mullalloo in a couple of weeks, i've only been here 3 weeks but I've been extremely lucky to find a job. I'm on a permanent visa (which I know is a lot easier to get employed) but my boyfriend Jason, is on a holiday working visa, but managed to find a job in a restaurant in Joondalup who has offered him sponsorship because they realised how experienced he really is! The best thing I can recommend is keep trying, there's always jobs around normally in the places you least expect!
  7. Hi Jessica, thanks for your reply. I live in Highgate,it's about 1 km from Perth CBD. I have been sending resumes through gumtree,job sites, directly to employers etc. And yes it is getting to seem pointless. I have spread out some resumes by going directly to the places i would like to work,usually i get a reply that they allready have a whole stack of resumes and no work. I would love to get some tips from you :) I have been in Australia for about 5 months, before i did farm work. I arrived at Perth over a month ago and would like to move on but i need money for that... Where are you from? Are you planning to stay in Perth for longer?
  8. Jessicafreeman

    Adobt a packer

    Also, just a little idea, try putting into the search engine 'entry levels (then occupation) if your up for a change in career, you start from the bottom but it determination may lead you to see some kind of sponsorship! Jessica
  9. Jessicafreeman

    Adobt a packer

    Hi! Check out specialised bag packing websites they should be some sort of support on there! I moved to Perth for good 3 weeks ago and really started to worry about getting a job too, out of interested where abouts are you? How have you sent your applications out? From seek and online job sites? I found the best way of getting a job was to go in and introduce myself, put a picture on my CV so they could see how well presented I was then I walked into every hairdressers around until somebody told me that I could come back for an interview the next day! Sometimes it takes months for online applications too come through and its normally a waste of time! My boyfriend also moved out too and got a job even before I did as a pot washer/chef, he holds no qualifications but he is highly experienced so he has to start from the bottom, but he loves it because the people are really nice and told him the other day that they would sponsor him as there so impressed! PM me for more tips (as I've seen quite a few adds in shop windows' and good luck but hopefully tomorrow about 30 people will call you tomorrow, they always end up doing! If I've realised anything these last couple of weeks its that Australians are REALLY laid back, they've most likely got your CV and are impressed with it, but they are meaning to call you back but 'haven't got around it' Jessica
  10. I've recently moved to Perth 3 weeks ago and already found a hairdressing apprenticeship in the lovely centre of Subiaco, but I'm aware that they are looking for a hard working, talented and enthusiastic new junior to join me in our salon. The salon is super busy (i'm not just saying that I'm even struggling to keep up) and the hours are long, but so worth it as its an amazing company and the people who work there are really fantastic at what they do! I currently live in Joondalup and catch two trains every day, which makes the day seem a lot longer so you need a long lasting stamina. You will start as either traineeship or apprentice so incredible opportunity if you are looking for a new career if you've just moved over! (Also if you are 25+ you can start an adult apprenticeship over here) If you would like more information on vacancy please PM me! Jessica