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  1. Livingthedream66

    Selling Uk property

    Hi looking for some advice or someone I could go to to get some. we are currently based in Aus and sold ou home in the Uk due to complete in 2 weeks. the question revolves around the sale and taxation. we purchased the house in 2010 and live d in it It has been sold for 15000 uk pounds less than we bought it for. we have recently spent around 10 k on it new heating system carpets etc. what do we have to do in relation to tax purposes we rang the tax office uk they said because we made a loss there’s no capital gains to pay . looking for advice on selling and the tax implications on making a loss Sorry if you have read a similar situation a few times ,thanks in advance
  2. Livingthedream66

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Hi we applied for citizenship in Oct 2017. Partner and two kids under 16. We had our interview and test yesterday 28/08/18. All was ok just waiting now to be accepted and the ceremony hopefully. Was a weird feeling after waiting that long to have finally completed it all. Hopefully won’t be too low by a wait.
  3. Livingthedream66

    My poor baby

    Not a big lover of dogs really,very irresponsible owners all over the city of Perth,as this story proves. Signs saying dogs on leads, then theres dogs off leads running around scaring kids. Responsble dog owners leaving their crap every where for the kids to play in,cut my lawns the other day and guess what dog muck on the lawn. There should be only certain areas people can take dogs so they can stand in all the crap and let thier kids play in it and get their kids scared by big bounding dogs,i dare say ill get all the do goody dog owners on but just my opinoin. CLEAN IT UP AND KEEP EM ON LEADS!!!!!