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  1. Chauhan5

    Bored due to C19?

    Hi I am in my early 50's and recently lost my job due to Covid 19 cutbacks, currently struggling to find work, anyone else in a similar situation with time to spare?, fancy catching up for a coffee/beer/go for a walk any where near Hilaries, Whitfords or Mullalloo, if so let me know, or open to other locations.
  2. Apologies, but we will not be able to make April 2nd now, due to an emergency. Happy to meet up on another date......
  3. Ok, so Saturday April 2nd, 7:30, meet at the Mullaloo Beach Hotel
  4. Hi April 2nd is good for us, any other takers? Venue?
  5. We have been here just over 15 months now, hasnt got easier, but living in Paradise justifies the move.... Anybody fancy meeting up NOR in late March?, Hillaries or Mullalloo beach hotel, open to other suggestions, could do couples or families. Message me if your interested and we can agree a date and location and then publish for others to join us.
  6. Chauhan5

    Any "older" Brits, Nth of City.

    Hi my family and I are based in Sorrrento, let me know when you are meeting, we would love to join you
  7. Chauhan5

    Help! Need friends!!

    Hi we are up for the 24th, looking forward to it, and any other meet ups
  8. Chauhan5

    Looking to make new friends

    Sounds good to me, let me know when
  9. Chauhan5

    Looking to make new friends

    Hi My family and I live in Sorrento, I am 46, wife is 45, kids are aged 16, 14 and 13, been here 3 months now, so we good to make some friends, let me know I can also meet up with you guys. C
  10. I understand exactly how you feel, we have been here the same time and are struggling making friends and finding work! But need to remember why the move was made, sure it will get better for all us.
  11. Hi the BBQ was in a local park.... no one actually turned up but we had a good time, was a bit of a long shot, especially as it was the Easter weekend. We did make some spicy and some not so spicy indian chicken to share, firecraker and beer, sounds like a winning combo to me!
  12. Hi Akasully2 Happy to meet up, PM when you are free. We came over for the lifestyle, I work in IT, I am a Project Manager, out of work at the moment, looking for my first job in Perth, sounds easier then it actually is! I will have a look at the Mullaloo forum, and we will probably join you on the next walk. Chan
  13. Hi Are there any ex Round Tabler's or 41 Club members out here in Perth? Has anybody found any similar organisations here? YiT Chan
  14. Hi all My family and I (my wife Indi and I are mid 40's with 3 teenagers, 2 boys aged 16,14 and my daughter who is 13), we emigrated to Perth in Jan 2015 from Leicester, we are currently renting in Sorrento, all our kids go to Duncraig Senior High. As we are new here in Perth, we are struggling a bit with making friends as both Indi and I are out of work, I am following a suggestion put to me to see if it works...... We are looking to meet others from the UK and hopefully make some new friends, so if any one is up for a gathering/bit of a BBQ and a few drinks, may be play some sports etc or just chill!, come and join us on Saturday 4th April at 2:00pm at Mawson Park22 Mawson Crescent, Hillarys, near the BBQs. Hopefully see you there. Chan & Indi P.S. open for other suggestions if the date or venue is not suitable.