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  1. CHAY1123

    Settlement agents

    Thank you so much guys!
  2. Hi Guys, Am here again asking for some help.. does any of you have any recommendations for settlement agents? We are in the process of trying to buy a house and would like to have some trustworthy agents on our side.. Thanks so much for all your help! Chay
  3. CHAY1123

    Accounting jobs recruiters

    Thanks Lou and VS. Quite nervous with the job front.. but our adventure will soon begin, so excited =)
  4. Hello, Good day everybody! I am not sure if this is allowed, but would like to ask if any of you can recommend any recruitment agents for accounting jobs? We will be arriving in Perth in 2 weeks time and is hoping to find a job soon =) Thank you!
  5. HI Hassan, Congrats on your success story. We are also looking to transfer to Perth late this month and also an accountant like you. Will you be able to give some tips to help in looking for jobs? Did you use recruiting agents? If so, who? Thank you, Cha
  6. CHAY1123

    Second hand cars

    interested in this one too!
  7. CHAY1123

    Does anybody have tips in buying used car?

    Hello, if we will be buying the used car from a dealer do we still need to have it inspected by RAC?
  8. Hello everybody, We are looking at Atwell and Success suburbs, is it safe there? good schools? access to CBD? Thanks!
  9. CHAY1123

    Monthly Bills (Again)

    Hello Guys, I am wondering about broadband and foxtel cable, would it be cheaper if we use bundle? or it would end up more expensive? They have phone, broadband and cable bundle for $120/mth.
  10. CHAY1123

    Does anybody have tips in buying used car?

    Thank you all so much, very helpful
  11. CHAY1123

    Applying for 189 visa, while holding 457 visa?

    Hi Lulu No we have not been to Perth yet , though one of my closest friend back in college is there, so she is helping me a lot with a lot of things (thank God!). When we did our first entry a year ago, we went to Cairns, as it was in the middle of winter in Australia and we figured we want to enjoy our vacation and we might find that very difficult with the cold (as we really really hate the cold hehe). And coming from Bermuda, where it was in the middle of summer, it would definitely be a shock to our system to go in the middle of winter . But I have heard nothing but good things about Perth so hopefully, we will be able to settle well. My friends have also lodged their application beginning this year for a 189 visa and they got their visa around 3 months after. So I think it might not be long before you get yours too! They are also accountants, so should be similar. Regarding Form 80, yes both of you have to submit it and I think it is a good idea that you are completing the rest of the documents while waiting as the turn around after the EOI can be really fast depending on how fast you can submit the additional docs. Would you need a police report from Australia as well? As you have also stayed there for more than 6 months?
  12. Hello, we are thinking of buying second hand car when we arrive there and is wondering whether for any tips in buying used car in Perth? Shall we only stick to cars sold by dealers? And if you can share your experiences in buying one. Thank you so much.
  13. CHAY1123

    Applying for 189 visa, while holding 457 visa?

    Btw, regarding form 80, we only submitted that later when we submitted the medicals and police report. As long as all the documents are complete you should be fine. We followed their instructions to the letter and we did not get our medicals and police clearance done until they asked us too. But I also heard that you can do it even before after you lodged your application. Though I am not too sure about that
  14. CHAY1123

    Applying for 189 visa, while holding 457 visa?

    Hi Lulu2014, Thanks! My designation is US CPA so am not really sure whether that will be honored in Perth so I transferred my designation to Chartered Accountants in Australia since they have reciprocity, so not much expense was involved (thankfully!). We engaged the agent almost at the end, it was quite fast, we got the sponsorship from WA a week after application and then submit the application immediately and got the invite a week after. We were expecting a reply from the CO a couple of months after so we were not initially worried that I was pregnant thinking that we might receive the request for the medicals and police clearance after I deliver the babies, but then they ask us for the medicals and police clearance just three weeks after we lodged and we panicked as I cannot get medicals then as I was pregnant, so that was when we decided to engage the agent. We were able to defer the application after and also added the babies in our original application (big savings! more than enough to cover our agents fees . So all went good. I did not submit my work experience assessment as in the document requirement it only needed the references from former employers. And I also asked my friends who have done it, and they said it is not needed. And the CO never asked for it too. I also have friends (also accountants) who applied after me, they also did not submit the work experience assessments (although they have it too ) But I think it will not harm your application if you do submit it. Don't worry too much on your application, I am sure it will be good . Got a lot of friends who did it by themselves and everything went well. Before you know it, you will get that invite. Thanks so much for the offer, it feels like we are going into the unknown but quite exciting too.. hopefully we can find a job immediately once we start looking for real.. quite scary to think about