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  1. Counting down the days from your No 1 fan/ stalker!
  2. If only I were ten years younger and probably more importantly not married!
  3. Thank you Kate and John for a lovely afternoon! It was lovely to finally put faces to all the names!
  4. Shirleyt

    Safety in perth

    I was referring to Plimthings last line!
  5. Shirleyt

    Safety in perth

    If you're referring to the Facebook message regarding a rapist who attacked woman on the Joondaloop line, it was an old news report from 2010 and the offender is behind bars! Possibly highlighting the fact someone on Facebook likes to perpetuate the myth we are all in imminant danger as soon as we leave our front door! Thank you for everyone's concerns about my safety walking around the CBD at night but if you read this news item, you'll find he struck during the day. Highlighting the fact all woman should learn to defend themselves because who knows what could happen! Well obviously not if you live in Keefos old village but the rest of us living in this hell hole are scuppered!
  6. Shirleyt

    Safety in perth

    Happy to report, I made it out alive this evening from Elizabeth Quay! Didn't see any trouble or anti social behaviour despite quite a low police presence. A superb facility, that will only get better with time. We enjoyed watching all the entertainment and thought the intergration of all the aboriginal festivities really added to the occasion.
  7. Shirleyt

    Safety in perth

    So true, the structure of Perth is completely opposite most major cities in the uk! Here, I live 10 minutes from the CBD but I wouldn't dream of living 10 minutes from the centre of Birmingham!
  8. Shirleyt

    Safety in perth

    Excellent perspective Deb! Yes already got next year in the diary! It will be a Pommie Invasion! Oh the irony!
  9. Shirleyt

    Safety in perth

    No crime was actually committed at the station then? Is it possible to accept, you may have an unhealthy obsession with the perception of crime? Most of your posts either mention anti- social behaviour and break- ins! No, I don't post on here that regularly but I have regular meet ups with quite a few members and I'm a regular reader! I'm just generally too busy out enjoying what this beautiful city has to offer! I'm off in a little while to the opening of Elizabeth Quay, which no doubt will have thousands of people and no doubt an arrest or two! My husband has no problem or nightmares ( of which you must have) of me wondering around the CBD on a night out because he knows as a police women's daughter, I'm more than capable of looking after myself. I don't want to get into a row with you Keefo, I just want to add some balance to your post as people reading this in England must think we live in The Bronx!
  10. Shirleyt

    Safety in perth

    I sometimes wonder whether you and I live in the same city, Keefo? My family and I drove into the city, parked Central Park ($5 all day Oz day special, usually $ 55) walked around CBD then into Langley Park. Spent the whole day there with lots of friends enjoying the Air show , entertainment, free rides and activities, the most superb fireworks you could ever imagine. Not once did I see any trouble or even these menacing aboriginals you speak of! I was there from 1- 11.00pm with families of all ages and everyone in our party had a fantastic time, not one of them had any complaint, many were overseas visitors and could not believe that the city put on such a fantastic show for Australia Day! It made me proud to live in such a beautiful city, so to read your negativity because a fight broke out at 4.00am in the morning saddens me! I would not think twice about walking around the CBD at midnight here, either alone or with my children, something I wouldn't have done in Birmingham! Yes, occasionally there is a sexual assault, robbery, even an occasional murder but to come away from a wonderful day such as Tuesday with nothing but negativity makes me wonder why you are still here? So to answer your question, where do I start? Maybe with something positive about beautiful Perth before you hit us with your version of doom and gloom! How about well done City of Perth for putting on a fantastic show! Looking forward to 2017 already!
  11. Shirleyt

    Skyworks 2015 absolutely amazing Australia Day

    Australia Day is this Tuesday, so I thought I'd repost this review for anyone that is in two minds whether to head to Langley Park! Theres quite a few of us from on here that are meeting this year, if anyone wants to join us!