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  1. ukclarkes

    Visas granted!!!!!!!

    Congratulations x
  2. ukclarkes

    results tomorrow!!

    English test booked again for Saturday fingers crossed
  3. ukclarkes

    Recommended Agents

    Immigration 2 oz.
  4. ukclarkes

    results tomorrow!!

    Have any of you sat the Pearson test? What's it like? Our migration agent is talking about my husband doing that instead?? X
  5. ukclarkes

    results tomorrow!!

    Hi, Thank you for all your advice and messages. Unfortunately he failed again by 1 mark! Couldn't believe it!!! Never mind of to Edinburgh he goes again...............
  6. ukclarkes

    results tomorrow!!

    English test results tomorrow! Fingers crossed we passed this time fails by 1.5 last time........
  7. ukclarkes

    Where to start ??

    Hi best advise I can give you is to ring The Down Under Centre based in London and ask to speak to Wez Zandit, they will help you. We used them and they were fantastic and we are now more than half way through our visa process. Hope this helps Kaylee x
  8. ukclarkes

    Anyone recommend a Good migration agent?

    The Down Under Centre based in London ask to speak to Wez Zandit! They are fantastic!
  9. ukclarkes


    Congrats! Hope we get that text soon x
  10. ukclarkes

    IELTS test

    Hello, my husband sat it back in November and failed by 1.5 marks Best advice would be to go on youtube there are loads of videos that will help him. They aren't easy but its not rocket science. Revision is key. Good Luck
  11. ukclarkes

    Technical interview in the morning!

    Good Luck My husband had his the other day for the same kind of work Welder Fabricator. He said it was fine so try not to worry to much.
  12. ukclarkes

    Just to say Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all xx Hope you are all enjoying Perth's beautiful weather... We hope to be joining you next year yeh! We are more than half way through our visas, Technical interview, English test and Medicals after the new year All the best for 2016 UKclarkes x
  13. ukclarkes


    Oh dear starting to panic now then! The last thing I want is to move over there and my oh not find work!! We do do some research and seem to find welding jobs in Perth and it seems to look okay?? We do have another cash to tie us over for a while if nothing pops up straight away! The joys of emigrating, rollercoaster ride lol thank you for your reply's tho
  14. ukclarkes


    Hi sorry no help to your question! But I was I hoping you could me help me with a bit of info? Myself,husband and our two children are half way through our visa process and olan to move to perth next year, my husband is also a first class welder. We were wondering if you don't mind me asking, what is the salary for a first class welder? And how is it for employment at the min in this trade? I have been doing some research but can never get a straight answer! Any info would be much appreciated:) Kaylee x
  15. ukclarkes

    IELTS agony

    Sorry to hear but don't give up were you doing the academic or general test? We ate waiting for my husbands results!!