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  1. 'Petty Crimes' stealing ornaments from peoples gardens & helping themselves to the contents of your car because you were stupid enough to leave it unlocked and probably had the windows down with valuables on display.
  2. https://www.police.wa.gov.au/Crime/Crime-Statistics-Portal/Statistics?locality=Kinross&startYear=2017&startMonth=1&endYear=2017&endMonth=12 I live over the road from Kinross in Burns Beach, hear very little about crime in Kinross, in fact Burns Beach has been in the news twice recently over Bikie kingpins being busted in our suburb with drugs cash and weapons being found, the worst that has happened in Kinross is a drug bust recently, Burns Beach also has a higher burglary statistic than Kinross, but not as high as Clarkson, we are talking petty oportunistic crime here, nothing serious, the local Community News free newspaper has a "Crime Statisics" page, Joondaplup as a whole ranks very good comapred to our neighbors Waneroo, Perth is a very safe place, we have been here 6 years now and the worst that has happened is some scrote jumped over our wall, disturbed the dogs and went back the way he came pretty sharpish. PS, We dont have security bars or an alarm, we do have CCTV, the scrote that jumped the wall looked right into the camera on his way over, then we got his car rego as he drove away, turned it over to the bill
  3. Speaking from experiance, inland mozzies are worse, especially in the low lying regions where there is a lot of ground water from draining & swamps etc, we took the dogs for a walk along the canning river a couple of years ago, we got eaten alive, we havnt had that problem on the swan river, the canning river must be slow moving and a mozzie breeding pond, we live on the coast now, not far from Alkimos so cant see it being much different, compared to Harrisdale, little to no mozzies, when we lived in Harrisdale, we dreaded the first hot day of summer / spring, the flies & mozzies came out in there thousands, if we left the light on in the alfresco at night, the white ceiling would turn black with mostly mosquitos, during the day we could fill one of those $5 fly catcher bottles with flys, here in Burns, no problem
  4. I dont want to sound like a pessimist, but I am a realist, given Perths current "Recession" & all the visa changes, I wouldn't be moving over on a 457 any time soon, the freight / trucking industry is one of the hardest hit with the mining slow down, nothing needs moving north, there are a lot of unemplyed people in Perth and the new McClown Govt is all for getting them jobs jobs before you, I work at Perth Airport, the FIFO fleet are only doing half the flying they were doing 3 years ago, some of the smaller companies have gone belly up or pulled the plug, even Qantas moved their turboprop fleet back east, I am even starting to worry about my job, sorry for being a realist, but I have seen a lot of 457 sponsored families leaving Perth with their tail between their legs, given the current climate 457 should really not be an option, I came over on a 457 6 years ago, during the boom, it was tough then, my wife couldnt get a job, my son struggled to get an apprenticeship, my daughter even decided to retrain, she has just completed a self study Cert IV, took her 3 years, and that was after doing a 5 Year Uni Degree in the UK, so now she has a massive student loan debt in the UK and a degree which is useless in Perth, maybe if she even moves to Melbourne or Sydney it will come in usefull, what ever you decide, good luck..............
  5. If you are looking at Alkimos, why dont you look at Currambine, think it has a different school catchment area and its still 2 mins to the beach, we lived in Harrisdale for two years, thought the mosquito & fly epidemic was normal for Australia, until we moved to Burns Beach, hardly any flies and few mosquitos we love it around here, 5 mins to joondalup, 5 mins to currambine station, on the freeway, the freeway extension will open soon so even less local traffic
  6. We live in burns beach, over the road from Currambine, good area, you wont go wrong with Currambine
  7. Just remember, you are going to be 'Resident' in Australia for tax purposes, so any income from your rental in the UK is taxable in Australia, there is a double taxation agreement in place, so you may not pay tax in the UK due to your personal allowance, but you will most certainly pay tax is Aus, it will pay to get a good UK/AuS accountant who deals with both, we had ATO nightmares when we had our house rented out in the UK, then even more when we sold it.
  8. Yes, your UK no claims is valid in Australia, you tell them how many years you have, and they accept it, no questions asked, if you have an accident, you may be asked to prove it, if you cant, your insurance is null & void and you are left holding the baby.
  9. When you have it packed, make sure the shipper calls it a 'chair' & not a 'wicker chair' dont draw attention to it, we had some african wooden animal carvings that got through as ornaments
  10. http://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/goods/timber/approved-treatments-timber You always have the risk that it gets rejected, even after treating, then it will go to the incinerator.
  11. If you have already started on the road to a 186, you qualify for a bridging visa if your 457 ends in the meantime
  12. Like I said, the RSMS visa is still in place, age is no issue and the list remains unchanged, Perth is still classed as Regional, get the ball rolling before McGowan gets his way and has Perth removed from the RSMS visa.
  13. I dont see the problem with the changes, the citizenship test is a joke anyway, Turnbull goes on about English, the first thing they ask you when you arrive is "Do you want an Interpreter", what a joke, and I'm sure we are all going to get this question wrong, (jokes aside) " Are you allowed to beat your wife in the privacy of your own home" , I agree with the comment on " If you fail the test 3 times you have to wait another two years" if you fail that test once you shouldnt be here !
  14. Word of warning, make sure you get it right, even if it means phoning DIAC to confirm, if you think you qualify and cut it fine down to the day, then you go and submit your application, DIAC will take your money, process the application, then fail you on the grounds you have not been here long enough, then you have to apply again and pay yet another fee.
  15. I cant see why they are having a dig at you either Rossmoyne. I came over on a 457 in 2011, I too was very anti the 457, I pushed & pushed my sponsor to go ENS instead of 457 to the point that my sponsor was going to walk away, then I agreed to the 457 as sponsors are few and far between to find in my industry, I packed my whole life up into a 40ft container and came over with the family & dog knowing full well that the visa was a temporary working visa and it could all go horribly wrong and I could end up back in the UK, in 2011 you could go PR immediately upon arrival on a 457, there was no waiting for 2 or even 4 years before you went PR, so from the day of our arrival I pushed my employer again to go PR and my persistance paid off, 8 months later I was PR, I dont understand these people that come over on 457's then sit back & do nothing thinking it is all over & they can stay as long as they like, what part of "Temporary Working Visa" dont they understand. You have obviously come to the end of your 457, you still have PR options providing your employer/ sponsor is willing, you can go ENS, you can renew your 457 for another 4 years providing your occupation is still on the list and as far as I am aware Perth is still classed as Regional, Mcgowan is trying to have this changed so dont delay, so you could go RSMS and one good thing about Regional is the list is longer, most occupations are still on it.