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  1. 2 Occupations Axed from Lists Two occupations have been axed from the lists yesterday. Hair and Beauty Salon Manager and Building Associate. Some additional occupations have now got caveats attached
  2. 2 Occupations Axed from Lists

    Yep, but watch this space, reckon there will be some more changes in March when TSS is released
  3. Get those 457s in !

    They are different visas altogether! Have never submitted a Subclass 408 but havent heard any news about it either
  4. Get those 457s in !

    Just a friendly reminder that the 457 will be abolished in a matter of weeks, so apply now if you are still on the list! Heard that Recruitment consultant is coming off next week but this may just be a vicious rumour!
  5. GPs on 457 apply for PR ASAP The RACGP are pushing for GP to be removed. If you are here on a Subclass 457 apply for PR as soon as you can. Perhaps when the TSS is introduced in March this occupation will not be avaialble for Subclass 189 visas anymore
  6. GPs on 457 apply for PR ASAP

    You too verystormy. Hope it isnt too stormy in Blighty!
  7. GPs on 457 apply for PR ASAP

    Happy Christmas Rossy and all the other Perth Poms on here and I hope 2018 is a good one for everyone!
  8. Sponsor pulled out after 457 application submitted.

    As verystormy wisely pointed out it is illegal for an employer to make a visa applicant pay any fees for setting up a Standard Business Sponsorship or Nomination . You should politely ask for a refund of those fees pointing out that the penalty for doing this could be very costly $50400!! HOWEVER, the Department can cancel the visa of anyone involved in it, so you are also doing the wrong thing, however, if you were not made aware of this, that is a different issue! If you used a MARA Reg Agent, I would be shocked if this was not pointed out to you? Also, why did you lodge a visa application without the financials ? Did you use a Registered Agent?? You are now likely to receive a Notice of Cancellation of your BVA, if so, you do not have long to leave the country. DO NOT BECOME UNLAWFUL as you will have further problems. You need to speak to your agent asap about your options before cancellation is issued. Also, presumably you are withdrawing, not getting refused?? Good luck
  9. If you are eligible to apply for permanent residency, get your application lodged before March 2018 as I cant see many employers wanting to pay the skilling australians fund !!!!! Training requirement: Employers nominating a worker for an ENS or RSMS visa will be required to pay a contribution to the Skilling Australians Fund. The contribution will be: o payable in full at the time the worker is nominated. o $3,000 for small businesses (those with annual turnover of less than $10 million) and $5,000 for other businesses.
  10. UPDATE FROM IMMI NEWSLETTER So it appears as holders of 457 visa granted on or before 18th April 2017 will still be able to apply via TRT as long as under 50
  11. State Sponsorship

    I would never advise a client to apply for 190 state sponsorship if it was not their intention to honour the sponsorship, as verystormy has advised you could potentially face visa cancellation for providing false or misleading information. Currently it is not a legal obligation but a moral one, however I would not advise you to accept SS if you are intending to not even try and find employment and commit to the State.
  12. State Sponsorship

    I have been hearing that this may cause a problem if and when you are looking at Citizenship as you have not complied with the conditions on your visa!
  13. hi I have a client looking for a sous chef and a chef de cuisine. Accommodation provided. Must have international hotel experience or similar. This position offers accommodation for a single person. Fantastic location. if you are interested please email me your resume and covering letter
  14. Sous chef and Chef de Cuisine required Sponsorship Available

    Thanks Rossy! Cant believe it but chefs are like gold-dust at the moment! This hotel wants a high calibre chef de cuisine with international hotel experience and they cant find one!
  15. Scammed

    Hi Dave I am so sorry to hear of your terrible experience. Is this agent based in Australia and MARA registered? If not can your awful encounter be a word of warning to others, please use a MARA agent and yes there are certainly a few in the UK At least you can be assured that the agent concerned is qualified, trained and has upto date knowledge of migration law. I am a Registered Migration Agent MARN 1173200 based in Perth. Have you still got a 457 sponsor prepared to wait for you? Are they are WA based company? Let me know if you need any assistance. You can always email me
  16. 457 to PR

    are you not eligible to apply for a 186 direct entry visa if your employer is prepared to sponsor?
  17. 457 to PR

    In order to meet the eligibility for 186 temp transition you need to have worked for your nominator for at least 2 years in the 3 years before applying. You will need to have worked for the whole of that period, so if for example you took 6 weeks of leave without pay, you wouldnt be able to apply for the TRT visa till 2 years and 6 weeks after the commencement date. It sounds as if your employer has been acting unlawfully as you should have been paid the nominated annual salary for the whole of the time on your visa. I am a bit confused by the term casual as weedolly pointed out, that is not how a 457 works!
  18. More Interesting Facts about Oz Interesting to see how the country of birth of migrants has changed over the last census, one family households has decreased (no doubt due to costs and cultural lifestyles). In WA the average house is a 4 x 2 whereas the national average is a 3 x 2.
  19. Just some interesting facts from the recent Census that I thought I would share with the group!
  20. Is it really worth it?!! Advice needed please.

    Hi Neewbie, if it is a 457 visa, is it one of the occupations that have been removed of affected by a caveat? Maybe they are waiting for further information?

    Thanks ali and verystormy for the recommendation. I am in City Beach actually, so technically in the Western suburbs but NOR!!
  22. Working Holiday Visa Age Raised to 35

    Some positive news after all the bleak announcements recently! Time of application age has now been raised to 35 for WHV's!!!
  23. Working Holiday Visa Age Raised to 35

    Thanks Rossmoyne and verystormy for your encouragement! It is nice to know you guys value the work of a RMA! I think I will just be bringing the g and t time forward an hour or so at the end of the day!!!!
  24. Working Holiday Visa Age Raised to 35

    Rossmoyne, if DIBP are drowning then I have sunk!!!! Don't know whether I am coming or going!! Maybe it is dementia!!!
  25. Working Holiday Visa Age Raised to 35

    Hi Verystormy Just got back from 2 weeks hols and saw your post. Strange one here, the legislation has been updated saying must be under 35 but the immi website doesnt reflect this! Another DIBP mystery!!!! 417.211 (1) The applicant satisfies the criteria in subclauses (2), (4) and (5). (2) The applicant: (a) holds a working holiday eligible passport of the kind, or of one of the kinds, specified in a legislative instrument made by the Minister for the purposes of this subclause; andof the kind, or of one of the kinds, specified in a legislative instrument made by the Minister for the purposes of this subclause; and (b) is aged at least 18 and no more than: (i) 35; or (ii) if a younger age is specified in the instrument mentioned in paragraph (a) for the kind of passport the applicant holds-that younger age.