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  1. Hi, I have gained enough points to submit my EOI for a schedule 2 role. I am aware that once I have submitted my EOI and received an invitation back I will have 28 days to apply. I am also aware that after I have applied I have to email them a 12 month contract of full-time employment offer. I am just wondering the following things: How long it takes approximately from submitting the EOI to receiving an invitation? How long after applying do they allow you to show them proof of a contract of employment? (28 days seems a very short amount of time to find a job and be successful in obtaining it) Can the contract be for volunteer work as long as it is in the correct field of work? Is the 3 month processing time from the date of EOI Submission? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who is currently or has been through this process please shed some light. I am unsure how i can find a job when I dont know how long it is going to take for the visa to be sorted out? So when am i meant to tell them i could start etc. Thanks.