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  1. hey folks, I'm starting an online travel magazine about western australia. Are you/do you know anyone in the tourism biz who might want to be included in the magazine? Issue 1 is going live on 1st Sept. I have started a FB page and twitter handle with other social media in development Please get in touch, recommendations are very welcome Thanks Joannna
  2. Not sure but you're right there doesn't seem to be too many of us and not heard whether John from moneycorp is still going to be hosting. @Ktee - have you heard from him? I sent him a private message ages ago but he hasn't responded
  3. With children? I don't have any but it might be good for them to meet others in a similar boat. How does 2pm sound?
  4. How does 21st May sound? Just looked at the map and this pub isn't too far off the motorway (jct 3 on M60) : https://cheshirelinetavern.wordpress.com/
  5. jorw

    Why Perth/WA?

    life opportunities, outdoor lifestyle, low crime rate, climate, beaches, weird and wonderful creatures, it's a relatively new city in a relatively new country and has the flexibility to take risks because it doesn't have a long standing infrastructure, it's on the Indian ocean coast, it has penguin island, there's a number of companies investing and developing internet of things echnologies, it has its own barrier reef, you can go swimming with whale sharks, there seems to be a family valued culture, for just a few reasons.
  6. Sounds like we have a plan. Is that suitable for John at moneycorp?
  7. jorw

    Why Perth/WA?

    Thank you everyone, this is really helpful
  8. How does 30th April sound? Would somewhere in Manchester be suitable?
  9. jorw

    10 days to build a house!

    Found these sites that might help (working out where to live & work at the least, fast broadband is vital for my business) http://www.itguyswa.com.au/how-to-get-high-speed-internet-in-perth/ https://www.mybroadband.communications.gov.au/ http://www.nbnco.com.au/corporate-information/media-centre/media-releases/wa-switches-onto-superfast-broadband.html
  10. jorw

    Why Perth/WA?

    Hi folks, I'm doing some research into what attracts folks to WA/Perth and would really like to hear from you folks. Originally, I wanted to head to Queensland to be near the great barrier reef, but my skills assessment came back as Chief Information Officer, which wasn't on the SOL, but was on the WA list, and took the choice out of my hands. I'm very glad though and haven't looked back, as the more I've found out about the place, the more amazing the place seems and I can't wait to get there. The whole state has such a variety of landscapes, including it's own barrier reef, there look's to be quite a lot of culture and each suburb having it's own identity along with many community events bringing people together. I can't wait to get there and explore.
  11. Hi folks, really sorry about this, after suggesting a date n all, just realised I've double booked myself and end of May isn't any good for me. How bout 1st May weekend? Where are folks based? I'm in the midlands so anywhere is good for me to meet.
  12. jorw

    10 days to build a house!

    The future of Western Australia’s south-west to include 3D-printed houses and driverless cars. http://www.domain.com.au/news/perths-future-to-include-3dprinted-houses-and-driverless-cars-experts-say-20160328-gnsjx3/
  13. Can meet anywhere before 30th August. How does end of May bank holiday weekend sound for folks?
  14. Count me in. It would be great to meet up with like minded folks
  15. From what I've read it looks quite popular with ppl from can, auz and NZ, UK not so much, but if the UK leaves Europe, could it be more likely?