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    Due to qualify soon

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm married with 2 children and I am due to qualify as an adult nurse in January. We hope to move to Australia as soon as they will have us. I would love to hear from others who have recently moved out and found jobs as newly qualified or with small amount of post grad experience. Has anyone got any family friendly suburbs that are not to far from a hospital or beach? X
  2. Bradburns

    Ramsey health care WA

    Hi Julie, I have just read a post about telephone interviews from July on this site, if that's any help? Do you have post qualification experience? Good luck x
  3. Bradburns

    Nurse telephone interviews

    How did the interview go? X
  4. Bradburns

    Nurses Thread!

    Hi Charlene, well done! I am very nearly qualified. I'm a degree trained adult nurse, I will qualify in January. I have a job in the UK to start as soon as I get my pin, but I would much prefer to start my career in Aus. I too was thinking of applying for the graduates visa but after reading negative posts on other forums I had given up hope. Would you send me the name if the hospital please xx