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  1. LoopyLauren

    It is going to be crazy hectic

    Sad to see your going, but glad to hear you will still be about! All the best xx
  2. Hey @JenPen, You arrived?! How's it going? not been on here for ages, too busy. Hope your getting on ok, especially arriving in the heat!? Lauren
  3. Just wondering when the catch up is? Cheers Lauren
  4. LoopyLauren

    Benefits of a PR Visa?

    Yep, we have benefited from PR since arrival. Funds have been tight since arrival and we got help from centrelink with child care costs and rent. Also met someone recently who had to up and go home as hubbie lost his job and could not get another in the same field as stipulated on his visa ( despite his wife willing to work and he was willing to find any job) very sad for them, as they wanted to stay. They are tough rules. We are not financially stable by any meanns, but it is a relief to know we will not be kicked out. Very glad we went to the effort and cost of PR.
  5. LoopyLauren

    Three days in...

    Hiya, You may be able to pick up casual work with BLUE COLLAR. Hope you settle ok. LAUREN
  6. LoopyLauren

    Family meet up?

    HIYA, We also only arrived in September just gone and going ok. Happy to meet when you arrive, two boy's 4 ( will be almost 5) and two. they seem happy enough. Lauren ( currently based in Baldivis)
  7. LoopyLauren

    Time to make new friends

    Hiya, I just googled mapped and I think you are only 20-25 mins from us. We are in Baldivis. i have two boys, 4 and 19 mths. Also looking for new friends for the two boys. The older one is especially wanting to play with others. I am sure there are loads of newbies like me, wanting to to meet up for play dates etc. Lauren
  8. LoopyLauren

    One week update!

    Hi @JenPen, We paid 3 mths rent up front and provided a letter from my UK landlord, that we were not nutters. Was simple really. xx
  9. LoopyLauren

    Meet mums Port Kennedy area

    Hiya we arrived 7 weeks ago. But down south. Shame. I would travel but won't always have a car. Good luck finding play mates xxx
  10. LoopyLauren

    YES to Daylight Savings in Perth

    Gosh, having just made the move, it's tough one. yes i love the summer evening 's in the UK for the light for longer. But having young kids it's bugger getting them to bed when it's light! I will sleep on it. I guess they won't be young for long! I can't get used to the sun going down and it instantly going very cold!
  11. LoopyLauren


    Stick at it you will get it in the end, if not this time. you may be surprised by the results in a positive way!
  12. Hi Just moved to Settlers Hill's, Baldivis and eventually I will need child care sorting for my 4 and 1.5 yr old. Can anyone recommend a nursery in the area? I would prefer personal recommendations any time. Cheers and good evening all. Lauren P.s a good GP would be nice too! Any fav's peeps?
  13. LoopyLauren

    Dilemma's! 9 weeks to go - can we do it:-/

    I think you will be fine. Just keep christmas etc a cheap one this year. Sunshine is all you need! just arrive and don't go into holiday mode too much.
  14. LoopyLauren

    Dilemma's! 9 weeks to go - can we do it:-/

    Personally, if you have a job lined up and it's definite, You sound like you only have a month to survive with no income ( maybe 2, if you get paid after you work the first month) then I would go for it and stick to your plans. I would save up what you can now, really cut back and i bet you will be surprised what you can save before you leave if you are still earning. Then on arrival, you would have to be strict and not on holiday mode, make packed lunches when you head out for the day, shop sensibly. If you are not acting like tourists, then your outgoings should only be food and transport etc. I think you need more cash behind you on arrival, personally when there are no jobs. As in our situation, we came over with a bit of spare cash, but it won''t last forever. My husband has never been to Oz before, so the temptation has been to sight see, but we have done very minimal stuff unless it's free. I think if you are money savy you can do it. But that is without knowing what exactly you have got. Would you be prepared to use your credit cards for the short term? re your house dilema, I can't comment on that front, never owned. maybe rent for while??? Just seems a shame if you can't commit now. Lauren
  15. LoopyLauren

    Edinburgh to Perth Oct 2015

    Hiya, Our current holiday may be free when you arrive, Check out OZhouserental. Perren place. East cannington. it has been fine for us. Simple and has all you need. re rentals, you can find x4 bed x2 baths for about $350-450 in various states, so look about it's amzinjg the difference between properties for the same price. i think you can rent one now re adminstration in about 1 week or so. (not sure why it has gone bold!)