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  1. Hi been in Perth 9 years now moved to Bayswater and work in West Perth Just out of a 11 year relationship and wanted to get some new friends as most were shared Lots of Aussie friends but find more in common with UK friends the Aussies tend to have their own click Anyone keen to meetup in city or Bayswater area please get in contact David
  2. djspread

    Perth Nights Out

    Ive been living in Perth for just about 2 years now living in fremantle, while I have made lots of friends I am keen to expand my social circle, especially for nights out/ watching the soccer etc (hate calling it that) So if anyone fancies a night out in Perth, fremantle etc, to watch the footy and hit a few bars give me a shout David
  3. djspread

    Perth night life

    Hi andy im the same mate been in perth about 18 months now and while I've made lots of friends most of are happy staying in or having bbqs i would rather hit the town and have some fun once in a while, I'm 32 and don't wanna hang up my clubbing boots yet :-p David
  4. Hi Mate Ive been in Perth just over a year now, living in freo and am 31 years old Not made as many friends as i would have liked and am a big liverpool fan also. Not many around in Perth hey, all united fans that i know I play 5 a side footy in subiaco on a monday as well and always looking for interested people to join us David