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  1. It's funny how waiting for the visa felt like years, when it was only several months. Has anyone been back to visit the UK yet?
  2. We have!! Although guess it's really the magic 4 years to get citizenship now!
  3. Hiya, we have been here 25 months now. We are in Mindarie, although my husband works SOR in telecoms too! Seems there are a lot of telecoms people!! I'm an ED nurse in Joondalup. Have family visiting just now, all going well. Time passes so quickly though! Donna
  4. TDK43

    Household Contents Insurance

    We have our insurance with Allianz. Also have used RAC in the past. Donna x
  5. TDK43

    Quinns Rocks / Two Rocks schools

    The school is much needed, as the houses are flying up I Yanchep. I am sure in the year and a bit my daughter had been in Yanchep the school had grown by about 200 pupils. Donna x
  6. TDK43

    Quinns Rocks / Two Rocks schools

    Hi Again, Yanchep District High school runs from Kindy to Year 10. It has approximately 800 pupils I think, but they are not together during recess and lunch. It doesn't feel a large school, it actually feels small. Also there is a new school opening in Feb, North Yanchep Beach Primary. This is a brand new primary school, not even finished as yet. Our old house was in the catchment for the new school, but not all areas of Yanchep are, so worth checking if that's the school you'd prefer. Donna x
  7. TDK43

    Quinns Rocks / Two Rocks schools

    Hiya, my friend has her boys in two rocks primary. The school itself is a pretty new looking school. I think she is reasonably happy with the school. My friend uses the Before and after school club at the school which is good I think. Could find out more if you need, my daughter used to go to Yanchep. I was really happy with her schooling there if you want anymore info on Yanchep. Donna x
  8. TDK43

    WhoooHoo we are Here and Loving It

    Hiya Akasully2, Just to reassure you about the Koalas. The are not native to WA, but there are able to live here. We have seen them at the National Park, Caversham and the Maze. The ones in the national park are living in the trees, and there is a raised boardwork for you to see them. At Caversham they are in the trees, and you can go to a petting section to touch them. At the maze they are up in the tree but easy to see. hope that helps, Donna x
  9. TDK43


    We went to a Panto last Christmas in Subiaco. It was a charity show, and had a very small cast, think 5! It was quite funny, but have seen a lot of Pantos every year in Scotland and would say it was in its infancy. It's one thing I really really miss about Scotland! Donna x
  10. TDK43

    Renewal of a Childs British Passport In OZ.

    Hiya, it's happened to us twice since living here. My passport had 5 months left on it, but was travelling to Bali, and daughters had expired. We did them both through the Australia post. I contacted the consultate and British passport office. They told me it was illegal to apply for a passport in Uk if I was residing in Australia. I got all scared about them knowing I was in Australia but applying for it in the Uk, so just paid the money! I'm just a worry wort!! Donna x
  11. Hiya Mike, We had it get the Police Clearance from Cyprus as my husband was in the Signals in Dhekelia and we lived there for a couple if years. I rang up the police in Nicosia. From memory I sent in a copy if my passport and the money required in an envelope and it was done in a week or two. I can't remember how many euro now, but they were quite helpful. Not very professional! Just chuck the money in an envelope and we'll do one for you! Very Cypriot! I might have posted something in Poms in Oz I think about it? Good luck, Donna x
  12. We have just sold a house and moved back into rented. We offered lower than advertised and it was accepted. Worth a try! Donna x
  13. We are looking for one too, put a post up, no replies! Thinking people self move! We did last time. Don't fancy it again! Donna x
  14. TDK43

    tears and strife

    I'd say this is the biggest negative for us living here. The distance from family is immense. We've been here 18 months, but the 12 months prior to coming we had re elephant in the room at all times, lots if tears and upset. At times I question myself with "is this place worth living so far away from our family". Christmas, birthdays, bank holidays are all the times you really feel it. We have always said it may not be forever. Both families have visited since we arrived, and my daughter loved it more than words can say, but the good byes and the empty feeling once they left weren't so great. But.. Onwards and upwards. Donna x
  15. We would love our daughter to enjoy everything we did there as kids, the beaches, Forrest walks in Culbin, cycle rides around Broom of Moy. Unfortunately its the job situation that holds us back from there. We both have great childhood memories.