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  1. Hi we are based in Baldivis,feel free to get in touch if anyone fancies getting together. People do seem to come and go so would be good to widen the social circle.?
  2. Hi There seems to be lots of lovely people looking for friends NOR so thought I would try for SOR,in particularly around Baldivis! We are a family of 4 with 2 kids,11 and 7 and would like to expand our social circle. We have been here nearly 18 months now and love it!! Feel free to get in touch!
  3. gemma1981

    A Family wanting to meet up!

    Hi we are also in Baldivis and looking to expand our social circle!! My children are 11 and 7 and go to Makybe Rise, would love to meet up!! Happy Australia Day!!
  4. gemma1981

    All booked...

    I have two girls, age 11 and 7!! Are yours around a similar age? Yes would be good to stay in touch, feel free to send me a message with your details/Facebook.
  5. gemma1981

    All booked...

    Hi, we are in Baldivis and have been here 14 months now!! My kids love it at school and settled well. I remember having the long list of things to do!! You will get it all sorted though. Quite a few rentals around Baldivis at the moment and it's raining in the middle of summer!!! If you want anymore info let me know!
  6. gemma1981

    Hello everyone

    We have been here since November, hope your settling in well!!Let me know if you need any advice on places to live!
  7. gemma1981

    New to perth and want some friends! 23yo

    Hi Laura Im a secondary school teacher..been here since November in Baldivis and have permanent residency.If you fancy a chat let me know or any pre moving jitters I can help with!Where abouts will you be staying? Gemma
  8. gemma1981

    Hello everyone

    Hi..where abouts are you?If your anywhere near Baldivis, we can arrange a meet up.My kids are 10 and 7!
  9. Hi, I am a teacher living in Baldivis. I have 2 children and would be interested in meeting for a coffee sometime. Feel free to get in touch!
  10. gemma1981

    Meet ups!

    Hi Where are you living? We are based in Baldivis and would love to build up my circle of friends! We are in our 30's and have 2 girls aged 10 and 7.
  11. gemma1981

    Meet mums Port Kennedy area

    Hi Rebecca, I am also 33 and from the north of England ( well Yorkshire but originally Nottingham!) I have been in Baldivis since November, have 2 daughters aged 10 and 7 and would love to meet up sometime! Hope your settling in OK. Feel free to contact me. Cheers, Gemma
  12. gemma1981

    family new to Baldivis

    Hi We have been in Baldivis since November and looking to meet some new friends close by. I have 2 daughters aged 10 and 7 who have settled well. If anybody fancies meeting up or socialising, please get in contact! Thanks Gemma
  13. gemma1981

    Rockingham meet up

    Hi Beck, You will get everything done far quicker than you imagine.We arrived with only 6 suitcases..decided our stuff wasnt worth the bother!We have furnished a house and just bought our second car.We have transferred driving licenses over, got internet, phones etc and all the admin related stuff.If you want a list of things you need sort out asap, send me a message. What jobs are you hoping to get? Also beware the rental agents, we were screwed about with bits that were not satisfactory in our house...I had to proper kick off!Again any advice you need on this,let me know and I'm sure others will also be able to comment and tell you who to avoid! Good luck with your goodbyes,everyone including those at home in England are completely fine when you are here!
  14. gemma1981

    Rockingham meet up

    Hi Beck, We live in Baldivis ( 7 mins drive from Rockingham!), arrived 7 weeks ago. We did the same as you - neither of us had a job but other half managed to get one straight away. I'm hoping to get work when school starts back in Feb ( Im a school teacher). We also got a rental pretty quickly - there are loads around.Happy to help you with school info - mine are 10 and 6 and we put them into the local primary school straight away. They have settled well and made friends. Would be interested in meeting up with people in the same situation! Gemma