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    190 visa - general electrician

    Thats brilliant mate thank you, someone with facts and experience ha where have you been! well if thats what it takes then i'll have to do it, no point moaning about it will just have to get some more overtime in here. As soon as I had that email to say I could do it at polytechnic I thought that was it, so stressful with so many contradictory posts. How was it picking up a company with only a provisional?
  2. Bestie85

    190 visa - general electrician

    yeah I understand that and yeah was a few years ago, I know you can't do that in 10 days now I said I have an email, from, ENERGY SAFETY, IN WRITING advising me to do that course which is now 3 weeks long with 2 exams. College Of Electrical Training, Challenger, Polytechnic West all provide the course once you have been deemed compentant to the units UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology. I was just trying to get across the course layout and what needed to be learnt, how it was broken down etc, which i thought was pretty helpful, I was only trying to help. seems like a lot of people on this forum are full of a negative attitude, as soon as someone says something they get jumped on. Anyway good luck ring Energy Safety yourself
  3. Bestie85

    190 visa - general electrician

    *NOT MY POST JUST COPIED* I want to share my experience. Just finished ETL course for A-grade licence at Polytechnic West / Balga Campus - Vetassess way. I walked to Energy Safety in person, with all relevant papers, next day after arrived in Perth. They copied my OTSR, scanned passport and gave me proper form to fill (there is 2 of them, depends which way you are going), then I paid by credit card 109$. They said, they will send the answer within 4 weeks. I called them every week to be sure everything's fine, but as nothing came by then I visited them again. They checked my docs with me in the system and found that one page of OTSR is missing. I could wait in vain for ever, they simply didn't bothered to inform me about it. I emailed missing page same day and a few days later they called me that docs are ready for me to collect. My advise at this stage: don't leave it with them and trust everything's fine, keep checking it yourself. In envelope I found Electrical Worker's Permit, valid for 12 months which allowi me to work legally under supervision plus eligibility to enrol to ETL 80 hours course plus list of 4 places I can attend, with contact numbers to responsible for it persons. I called all of them and was lucky to find vacancy at soonest starting one – Polytechnic West / Balga Campus. I paid them a visit same day with letter from Energy Safety, paid 211$ for subsided ( if you have PR visa) course and bought PDF version of books(AS3000 and AS 3008) from their library. They also printed it out and bind for me for 57$ altogether. Another two books: “Design and Install” and “Inspecting and Testing” I got for free when started course. Course schedule: Day 1: Ohm's law, parallel circuits Day 2: First Aid, CPR, Determining cable type and size. Day 3: Maximum Demand, Voltage Drop Day 4: Installation's assembly, 2h of theory, 6 hours practise. Day 5: Motor starting (contactors, star/delta), transformers, different types of lights, mercury, sodium etc. At the end of the day they gave us portfolio to be done over weekend – typical house plan, you have to count appliances, calculate maximum demand, voltage drop, match cables, CBs and design Consumer Unit. Day 6: Isolation, Testing Equipment , testing installation on dummy boards – theory/practise Day 7: Performing installation followed by the plan and testing it. Day 8: Portfolio collection and discussing problems, revision, written multiple choice test, insulation procedures test. Day 9: Practical exam: Assembling own installation by plan, testing it, testing equipment. Day 10: Re-exam. If you failed on something before, you can do it again, still within the course. Everything what is on the exam was earlier on the course. If you carefully listen to tutors you should have no problem with passing the exam. Half of the group passed everything by Thursday, other half came ones more Friday and had to redo only parts they failed first time. After 2 hours everyone was happy. Course is very well organised, tutors, even if demanding, very nice and helpful. Australian rules are similar to those in UK, but there are still some differences and different practises of doing some things, so it's good to know it before you start working here anyway. That's basically what is this course about. I was told they will inform ES about results monday, it takes another few days for ES to revise it and someday at the end of next week I can expect call from ES to collect my Licence. If it's true I will get my A-Grade in 7 weeks since arrive in OZ.
  4. Bestie85

    190 visa - general electrician

    Yeah of course I messaged Energy Safety first and they got back to me recommending I get in touch with Polytechnic West. They said as soon as i get there to come to their offices with my passport etc etc and get my provisional, then that I would only have to do the 3 week course at college to gain the grade A because I have undergone a full skills assessment here. He said that the 'up to 12 months' means that you can do it for that long, giving you time to pay or attend your college but can do it quicker if you so wish. I know its hard to find concrete answers because I have been trawling the net for sometime just like yourself so I don't get caught out or let down. I found a great post on here actually of a lad that did the course some time ago in 3 weeks. I find it hard to believe 4 respected colleges there will make you pay and attend, then pass exams to then receive a fake license at the end. i'll paste his post on here for you to look at
  5. Bestie85

    190 visa - general electrician

    yes mate 100% it is just 3 weeks if you already have an OTSR, if you pm me your email address ill forward the polytechnic one to you. it breaks it all down in that, its too large to paste on here and comes with 3 attachments which tells you everything you have to do, from going to Energy Safety offices on arrival to get your provisional, to costs and dates of courses
  6. Bestie85

    190 visa - general electrician

    Congratulations on getting the visa! mine was granted on the 2nd of July, we have booked flights for December 4th. I have been emailing lots of companies also but no response, I have made a few good contacts there now though and my girlfriends friend of the family works quite high up in gas and oil, he said i should be able to get on with a general sparky company. Polytechnic West have emailed me back to say the course we need is only 3 weeks long for the full license (thats if you have already done skills assessment before arriving) the course is roughly $2500 and runs quite regularly thorought the year. My aim is to book myself on an early course after Christmas then put myself out there once I hold an unrestricted license
  7. Im sure you all hear this every week ha but I got my 190 visa granted today, sooooooooo chuffed!! Thanks for all your advice on here, this site has been so useful in so many ways. Now all the booking and exciting part starts
  8. Bestie85

    Property rental - how quick?

    Hi Porcupine, is the apartment you secured just for 1 month so then you can look around and find somewhere permanent? we are moving the end of this year and have looked on Airbnb to get a holiday apartment for 6 weeks (to take us passed xmas and new year) while we drive around viewing properties to rent, is this a wise move or not do you think?
  9. obviously you took this ages ago now, just interested to see how you got on and does that give you a full electrical license?
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    Not travelling around South America years ago, it's going to take me a while to start a new life and get time to do it properly now Not saving for the move to Australia sooner!
  11. Bestie85

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015

    Hi, i'm just waiting really. I've been told that the 2014 - 2015 period ends in July, then they start a new program year so I will probably fall in to that one and receive my visa then. It's a nightmare waiting though isn't it, i bumped in to someone i used to work with last year and he said 'so you didn't go to Oz in the end then?' uurrrgghhh I'm going!!
  12. Thank you all for your replies I feel a lot better now, i've been doing it for so long now and jumped so many hurdles, I just want it to end so I can book a flight ha ha!
  13. Bestie85

    TRA Skills Assessment APPEAL

    I'm an electrician, I did a skills assessment i've never heard of appealing against it, I thought you just had to go back and do the particular part you failed? like with my trade it might be testing, fault finding, safe isolation etc
  14. oh ok, thanks very much for getting back to me with that! looks like i'll just have to wait it out this summer and hopefully i'll get the email
  15. Hi everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone has ever had this email from the Department of Immigration before? I am going on a 190 visa, I've completed everything, been asked for more information so have passed police checks and medical. I was planning on realistically being there November this year but received this email about processing times.... (just selected a brief paragraph) The visa for which you have applied is part of the Skilled Nominated category. The Migration Programme determines the maximum number of visas that can be granted in each visa category. Applications for this visa are processed in line with Migration Programme planning levels. These planning levels have precedence over indicative client service standard timeframesThe Migration Programme planning level for the Skilled Nominated category now has limited number of places left for the 2014-15 program year. This means processing times will be longer and that once the remaining places are used, the Department cannot grant further visas in this category during this programme year., Any thoughts or advice please? my processing time is supposed to be 3 months, I don't mind even if its 5-6 I'm just worried it won't even be this year