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    First attempt 2008 and then 2014

    Wow, I think your daughter is the one being selfish. She has already stopped you going once. She's a grown up now with her own family and its time to put you and your husband first. Always better to have done something than wished you had. It's wrong of her to put you in this situation. You will miss each other but technology is a wonderful thing making the world a much smaller place and just think of the wonderful holidays they could have coming to visit you! Good luck I hope it all works out for you.
  2. Jclcncoc2015

    Help please - Where to begin?

    Thank you, good to know, one agent we were in touch with seemed to give us the idea we had no hope, so to find this forum and to find there are options and there is hope. Thanks again.
  3. Jclcncoc2015

    Help please - Where to begin?

    We completed the assessment on the visa bureau website last night and I believe there were 2 possibilities of either Production Manager or Aeronautical engineer? It recommended the 190 skilled sponsored visa.
  4. Jclcncoc2015

    Help please - Where to begin?

    Thank you, that's a great help, I'll give them a try. :-)
  5. Jclcncoc2015

    Help please - Where to begin?

    For a couple of years now my husband and I have been thinking about moving to Perth. In the beginning he took an IELTS to top up his points and passed. To be honest life has just gotten in the way and we have plodded along with a daily routine, he works away a lot and we have little time to discuss our future plans or look into how to begin the process. I think life is just passing us by and I really want to seriously think about moving. Can anyone point me in the right direction, what do I need to do? My husband is ex-RAF, he is 42 and spent 23 years as a rigger/aircraft engineer, he is currently Production Manager for a UAV company. I am 39 and a Procurement Assistant for a large fashion retailer. We have 2 kids aged 9 and 13. I'm guessing State sponsorship might be the best route? Although I do have a step brother in Melbourne, would family sponsorship be another possibility? Please can anyone offer any advice of the best route to take? Thank you