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  1. miller

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    We arrived on October 15 and have spent at least a month out of the country,will we be able to apply October 19?what happens if you go home after your 4 years without getting citizenship,can you apply from the U.K.?or do you have to be staying here
  2. Hi cara me and my wife and 3 bhoys moved to oz in October 2015 and moved to carramar which is a great area and just across from tapping which are both nice areas,I m also a carpenter,I had worked for a high end builder when I arrived but the builder has ran out of work as he used to build 10-20 houses(28 in 2010)a year but will build 1 this year ,there has been a massive slow down in the house building and most houses don t have a lot of joinery work in them and rates are at the lowest in years for me it s very similar to the recession in the uk from 2008 onwards i have been on the commercial sites which has been a nightmare for me as I ve always worked for myself,because of the shortage of work the subbies are taking the piss and most are paying the lowest in years best of luck
  3. miller

    clarkson,any good

    thinking of going for a rental there,staying with a friend in merriwa, seems ok when driving about,anyone know what the schools are like,cheers
  4. miller

    Carpenter seeking work

    i arrived last week,seems to go a bit of work about but you have to get a white card ,there s a place in the city you get it there and then,my wife and kds are coming in a couple of weeks was thinking of butler but since i got here think it might be a bit far out,i m staying with friends in merriwa
  5. miller

    Arrived last night

    hi m8,i m coming over in october what s the basic tools i would need(carpenter or as we say in a glasgow a jiner lol)and what kind of wage to start on $35 roughly,all the best
  6. miller

    Flights and Shipping

    that a a great price ,do some of the companies do deals for half containers
  7. I m flying out the first week of October with the wife and our boys coming out 3 weeks later and we re trying to get the house ready to rent it out,finding the whole thing very stressful and just can t wait till on way to Oz,since we got visa issued accepted hard to get motivated for work here or other things as off soon!no doubt many here been in the same boat??
  8. miller

    carpenters in perth

    i m heading over myself at the start of october from what i hear from people there is work,like everywhere it depends on how good or bad you are(not saying your are bad lol)more money working for subbies
  9. miller

    What do you have to show to get a rental?just

    I m heading out 3 weeks before my wife and 3 boys ,I m going to be staying with a friend in merriwa for a week then hopefully get something,thought it would be too much treaking the 3 boys about?plenty to do here first got to rent the house out first?can t wait to get on the plane ,last te I was in Australia was 2001?
  10. miller

    What do you have to show to get a rental?just

    I m going to be self employed(carpenter)so looks like I ll need 3 months plus bond cheers
  11. Just wondering what you have to show to get a rental in Perth ,do you have to show you have an address in Perth ?how much money upfront ?is it usually 1 months rent up front and one months bond?i m going to be heading out on the 5 th of October with my wife coming out with our 3 bhoys 3 weeks later giving me hopefully enough time as staying with friends for the first week then might get a hotel thanks in advance th
  12. miller

    merriwa/clarkston,ridgewood areas

    Thought so it was just that a friend of friend had met us at the weekend saying parts of merriwa can be rough and the house at the train station side of Clarkston .What some people class as rough would totally different to another person,can t imagine any of the areas in Perth being anything as bad as some of Glasgow ?or any big city here?
  13. hi folks,moving out in october to the merriwa area as a friend moved there a couple of years ago .I have never been just looking for any info on this area and surrounding areas as bringing wife and 3 boys cheers in advance
  14. miller

    Moving from the UK to Joondalup area June.

    hi joondalup sounds great,is it much dearer for a holiday furnished rental,cheers
  15. Anyone any idea how long well have to wait cheers