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  1. steve-c

    new mates please?

    Hi all. The wife and i are thinking of headin into the city for a few drinks on sat late arvo/night. mainly goin into the laneway lounge bar for the live music. If anyone fancies joinin us feel free to get in touch. Were in our 30's with no kids, livin in nedlands for 5 years. Steve
  2. steve-c

    Coffee/Drinks in Mount Lawley/Subi/CBD area

    Hi Chris. The wife and I are in our mid to late 30's and live near subiaco. We often go out in and around the city with a few other people, mix of couples and singles. so if you fancy joining us sometime get in touch and we can sort something out for next time we head out. Steve
  3. steve-c

    33 yo male, looking for new friends

    Hi Jim. Which area you living in? There's a few of us, who got out in and around the city a couple a times a month. If its easy for you to get to the city and fancy joining us get in touch. Steve
  4. steve-c

    new friends

    Hi there. Were a couple in our mid to late 30's living in nedlands. Been here a while now and git a few good friends, but most of they are mine and they're single lads. So looking for a few more couples, to do more thing together. If you fancy meeting up get in touch. Thanks steve
  5. Where abouts do you live dave?
  6. steve-c

    friday night drinks

    Hi lynds I will be heading into town next weekend for a few drinks. If you fancy joining me, pm me your number and ill give you at txt Steve.
  7. Hi everyone Myself and a couple of friends are heading into the city for a few drinks. Were all in our mid 30's but not bothered what age you are. If you fancy joining us pm me and ill send you my number. steve
  8. steve-c

    kaiser chief gig

    Hi there Just wondering if any other members are going to the chiefs gig tomorrow night?
  9. steve-c

    Newbie needing company!

    Hi there. if you fancy a drink over the weekend pm me you number and we'll sort something out. I live just outside the city so any wheres good to meet. Steve
  10. steve-c

    new drinking buddies

    Hi nathan. if u fancy a beer or 2 or the weekend pm me your number and we'll sort it out. Steve
  11. steve-c

    new drinking buddies

    Hi I live just outside the city in Nedlands. So easy for me to get to most places. You comin over on your own or with family, type work you doing? Ps forgot to say if any couples fancy meeting up too, myselfs and myself are always up for a meal and drinks. thanks steve
  12. Hi all. Im looking for a few new drinking buddies to add to the social circle. Got a few good mates who go out a bit but want to add a bit of mix into the conversation. Im in my late 30's, living near the city and into the usual sports, music etc. Im married with no kids and tend to go out in and around the city fri or sat night and try to have a trip down to freo for the odd day session. If anybody fancys a drink get in touch thanks Steve
  13. Hi Darren i was from normanton the mrs was from ponti. Christmas never feels the same over here but least we arnt freezing our arses off. give me a shout and we'll try and arrange a drink this weekend or next week if your free. Steve
  14. hi dandt99. where in sunny old wakey you from, how you finding perth? we moved from there 3 years ago, best thing we ever did. Were both in our 30's with no kids living up near the city, if you fancy meeting up for a drink get in touch. Steve