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    Lost Brit in Perth

    Hi to anyone reading this post. I stepped foot into Perth 5 days ago with my girlfriend we are both 30 and looking to emigrate here and both have working holiday visas. 2 days ago I had an interview with volkswagen ahg group and was offered a job as a car salesmen which has been my career for the last8 years, only problem is I don't have the correct visa, I needed a 457 working visa to complete. Really frustrating as this is not a sponsored career recognised on that particular visa. Being more than capable at most things with a professional background i.e customer service, sales and marketing, I'm desperately now trying to find work here in Perth and live the dream with my better half. If anyone has any suggestions or can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still here in Perth WA until the 27th. I look forward to hearing from you all the best.