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  1. Hi I am selling Elf on the Shelf. $16 each. Pick up in Greenwood.
  2. Hi All, Just wondering what the experience is applying for Contributory Parent (subclass 143) visa. My parents applied and got acknowledgement of their application back in September. About 5 months so far. Just wondering how long others have taken from acknowledgement? Contributory Parent (subclass 143) visa Thanks.
  3. hawks

    Remortgaging UK Home

    Hi All, When we moved to Aus, we kept our London flat, and got consent to let from the bank, but never changed it to a Buy To Let Mortgage. I think the value has gone up enough now so we should have the 25%-30% required for a proper buy to let mortgage, and hopefully reduce our rate. My question is has anyone remortgaged from here, and which UK bank is most accommodating with overseas applicants?
  4. hawks

    Tax on selling property in UK

    Regardless of where you live, you have to declare to HMRC that you have sold the property, and they might charge you depending on your circumstances. If you are in Australia and you are a resident for tax purposes, you also have to declare it to the ATO, and Australia might charge you capital gains, BUT you won't have to pay twice. For example, if HMRC decides you owe £3000, and you pay that, and then ATO determines you need to pay $7000, the money you have already paid is credited so you pay the ATO ($7000 - £3000 = about $1000). I'm not an expert but that is my understanding.
  5. hawks

    Property crash

    In my opinion if you're in the in the market to buy, you might as well so you can pay off as much of your mortgage as possible while the interest rates are low. If you wait until the prices bottom out, the interest rates will go up again as everyone starts buying, and the extra you pay the bank over the life of your mortgage will negate the savings on getting a cheaper house. Just make sure you buy somewhere you'll be happy to live for at least 10 years in case it does go bad and you can ride it out. The only person who benefits from rentals is landlords, regardless of what the market is doing.
  6. hawks

    Property Tax question

    Hi There, I raised this question here a while ago. My research has come back as follows: If you lived in the house in the UK, it is classed as your primary residence up to 3 years after you move out. That means if you don't buy a house is Aus, it is still your primary residence and you do not pay capital gains tax in the UK or in Aus (In fact in Aus it is 6 years after you move out). The fact that you've bought a place here *might* throw these rules out a bit. I would imagine now that the place you have bought in Aus becomes your primary residence, and your house in the UK becomes an investment property, and so will be liable for capital gains tax. You will need to declare it in your Australian tax return.
  7. Hi, My wife is also expecting. For most private health funds, you need to have been a member for 12 months before claiming, so if your wife's already pregnant it's unlikely you'll find a private fund to help you. We fell pregnant when on a 457 (have since got PR), so were on reciprocal medicare. We have been going to Osborne Park hospital. We have never ever been asked to show any form of identification or visa, and have never paid a cent. If there are any problems during or after the birth, and you have to go to King Eddie, that is also covered apparently.
  8. hawks

    190 visa application

    My case officer sent me this link: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/visas/attachment/start.do?attachType=VISA_APPLICATION&group=travel It never worked for me though. Just told me my session had timed out when i logged in. I ended up emailing everything to the case officer.
  9. hawks

    Unique HAP ID

    I have received my medical HAP ID from immigration for my wife and I, but they are the same. When booking an appointment, they said I need a unique number for each of us. Has everyone else received unique numbers for the 2 of them? Do I need to go back to my case officer and ask for a new one? It takes time which is why I'm asking here first!!
  10. hawks

    Tax on selling property in UK

    I will chatting to someone at work, and they reckon as long as you haven't bought a property in aus yet, your UK home is still your primary residence, so when you sell you won't pay tax on it. As long as you lived in the house at some point.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for some guidance around tax on property. I'm trying to find out about implications on both sides of the fence. I've done a fair bit of reading on the HMRC website, and it would suggest that as long as I lived in the house, and sell it within 3 years of moving out, I should be exempt from tax in the UK. All good there. While doing my Aus tax return recently, one of the questions was "Have you made any money form the sale of an asset overseas". If I sell my property this year, do I have to declare it in Aus, and will they charge me tax on the profit? If I sell the house beyond the 3 years of moving out, will I have to pay tax in the UK and in Aus? It makes a big difference as to whether I sell up now or hang on a bit longer. Thanks
  12. hawks

    Advice needed about UK mortgage

    I have a mortgage with Woolwich (ex standard life), when I moved out of the house to buy a second place, I applied for consent to let, which they granted. The second mortgage is with RBS. When I moved to Aus, I told both mortgage providers. Both gave me consent to let, and changed my contact address to Aus. I now rent our both of them and the banks are fully aware, and both are aware I live in Australia. I got the feeling that once you have secured the mortgage, as long as you keep paying the repayments, they don't mind whose living in the house or where you live.
  13. hawks

    Parent visa

    Hi, My sister and I both live in aus and will hopefully have PR in the not so distant future. When we do, what are the options for getting my parents in? We are their only children, so I think that's good that we both here, but have heard rumours it costs $50k per parent. What does that get them? Can they ever claim it back or does it go straight to the government? Does it mean they can claim anything once here? My dad has had his own business for nearly 30 years. Can he buy a company and get a visa that way? Thanks
  14. hawks

    Spouse medical

    Thanks very much! That's great information. Next question: I need to do the IELTS to get the necessary points. Does she also have to take them or does her British Passport satisfy the minimum requirements?
  15. hawks

    Spouse medical

    My wife and I are in perth on a 457. I have recently received my skills assessment back and we have the opportunity to apply for PR on the points system. To add to the excitement, we have also just found out my wife is pregnant! Problem is she now can't get a chest X-ray until the baby is born, as required by the medical. My question is: is it mandatory that she get a medical if it is my visa application? If so, can I apply for the visa, and then add her (and the baby) on to the visa after she is able to do the medical? Thanks!