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  1. Hi jamie We i work for a marquee hire company and march is usually a busy month for us.we are always hiring casual staff so when you arrive and are ready to work contact me via pm P.s get your tax file number and bank account set up asap and your ready to start. Podge
  2. Hi Jen thanks for your interest.the job is manual lifting,it's not always heavy but a lot of lifting.im not putting you off I just like people to know what they are in for and yes it is a majority of male environment.if you are still interested text me your details and I'll contact you when we have another Sunday job. Thanks darren
  3. Hi everyone I work for a marquee hire company called pedersens hire and we are always on the lookout for new workers with the drive to get on.we are based in canning vale but can be working all over Perth also as far as Kalgoorlie Albany Karratha. our busiest periods are from July through to January . i believe it's a great start for young lads to work with us.theres no time wasters and you can learn and travel at the same time.casual weekend work is always available. ive now been at pedersens for 9 years .im managing the structure side of the company now . feel free to get in touch if you want anymore information.just thought I'd say hi I'm new to this forum .im from battle in East Sussex back in the U.K. . be good to hear from some of you. darren aka podge p.s I'm the guy on the far left.IMG_0073.MOV