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  1. caboodles

    Christmas dinner

    Awww thankyou ! I found somewhere xxx
  2. caboodles

    Christmas dinner

    Last minute... Is it too late to find some where good to eat on Christmas Day ? Any recommendations? NOR . [emoji319][emoji486]
  3. caboodles

    Perth Poms business owners.

    Hi Scott C Thanks for your reply ... [emoji4]... After further research You can rent a chair [emoji139]within a Salon But it was illegal .
  4. caboodles

    Perth Poms business owners.

    Hello ... Did I start a new thread , yesterday by mistake ? My friend David is amazing hairdresser and was a tutor at a Manchester college in the UK as well as running his own UK salon ... He's actually sad that the standard here is so low , from his experience. [emoji52] But he's took the steps just gone freelance . After managing a busy Perth city salon . Working long day . He said hey it's time " to live the dream " and do it for himself ! So far so good .[emoji4].. Manly off recommendations . As the proof is in the hair cut [emoji4]is sells its self . So PM me if you need a fabulous hairdresser in the comfort of your own home ... [emoji2] Just interested...... Is there any hairdresser , out there at just rent a chair ( space ) ? Within a salon ? As they all seem to be big companies that only have employees ... [emoji41]
  5. caboodles

    Decent Hairdresser

    Hi yes I can help too [emoji4]
  6. caboodles

    Mobile hairdresser

    Hello .... David Anthony Was a salon manger in a city salon but now freelance ! He's amazing .... Has his own salon in UK Manchester and was a College tutor too ... But now here in Perth . Gives no obligation consultant.PM me for his contact His amazing ! He ll email you a price list
  7. caboodles

    Hairdresser NOR

    Hello I can help ! Dave has his own salon in UK Manchester and was a tutor at college . He's now here in Perth. Freelance. He's amazing !!!! PM for his details He gives no obligation consultant before your appointment... And you can email him for a price list .
  8. caboodles

    Friends needed :)

    Hi Allan ... I can help you with volunteer groups .. Give us a in box
  9. caboodles

    Moving in October....on my own!

    Hi steph88 I'm in Clarkson it's a nice place ... But not much as in bars and restaurants . Small shopping centre The trains are ace !!! Very regular . Easy to use . You pay by ( zones ) areas .. And can use the train and bus on the same ticket if it's in the same zone . Free cat buses in the city Leederville is nice ... Wine bars .. I think got a holiday feel about it .. Very close to Perth city .. One stop on the train . But coming from Manchester to me it's seems very quite . By 9 pm :-/ But this is a new experience with different plus . I do drive but have no car . I do miss not having things on the door step .. Like had a bad day ... Meet up with my friend after work 6 ... He THEN realised no keys to lock up at work ... They where back at the house ... So off I go back on the train on my own as he couldn't leave a unlocked building (1 hours journey .. Was south of the river ) .... Then back again .... And it was raining Was back in Clarkson at 9:45 /10 : 00 pm on a Friday night .. Every India was closed !!!!! 2 in Clarkson right near the station .... Only option was to Jumped in the car ... Up the road to pizza place ... Noooooo shut !! Third time lucky We found one pizza place open . But now I know ....
  10. caboodles

    Have you thought of joining a netball team?

    Is it the HBF arena ?? Newbie [emoji15] just find my way around ...
  11. caboodles

    Have you thought of joining a netball team?

    Me too ! Love net ball . Thought I was too old :-/ x
  12. caboodles

    Looking to meet friends NOR

    Hello I'm in Joondalup ... I'm Near the train station so can met up any where . Please let us know if any of you are free ? Thanks Julie Xxx
  13. caboodles

    Any other horse riders out there?

    Hi Alison & Jo I'll like to join you ... Let us know . If you find some where Thanks Julie
  14. caboodles

    I'm new to Perth

    [emoji15].... Oooooo I hope so ! Not sure I'll never lose the fear But I can't keep up having these mini heart attacks [emoji23]it's killing me ! Happy running Jason [emoji4]
  15. caboodles

    I'm new to Perth

    Lol.... keefo I'm glad I am forgiven . I'm going to get on line and register ASP ... As yes I can get the train to joondalup easily , and walk over to the lake . I'm still a nervous runner only been here 3 weeks and jumping out my skin at every stick or long leaf I spot out the corner of my eye !!!