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  1. Thanks for that ill have a look now
  2. Hi all, anyone know of any cheap shipping companies or ways to ship a few boxes and a small amount if stuff back to the uk? Thanks
  3. maddielou

    Friends Padbury area

    hi there, were in padbury too, been here from the uk for about 8 weeks im working parttime but do have a few days off if u want to meet up. We have 2 little girls who are 6 and 3, so if you fancy meeting up let me know. louise
  4. maddielou

    good hairdresser in nor

    hi everyone, ive been in perth a couple of weeks now and in need of a really good hairdresser nor im in ocean reef. Ive got really short hair style and need a decent cut, can any recommend any hairdressers or mobile ones? and how much? thanks
  5. maddielou

    padbury primary schools?

    Hi there just trying to find any reviews of the primary schools in padbury, thats where i will be sending my little girl, just wondering if anyone knows what the schools are both like or have sent their children there? thanks x
  6. maddielou

    Changes to rental laws 1 July 2013

    Hiya lozzachino, my partner has been working for the royal mail for 12 years and ive been in retail management for 10 years, so not got any other trades or anything. I wa born in oz but spent most of my life in the uk. Hopefuly someone will give us a chance lol well i hope so ive got 2 interviews in place for when i arrive, the first is day after we land, i am keen but i will most probably be jet lagged! so fingers crossed!
  7. maddielou

    Changes to rental laws 1 July 2013

    thats good news where coming over next week, ive got a couplde of interviews lined up for me but was just wondering about the job front for my partner is it really hard to find something? not sure what hes going to do but willing to give anything a go!
  8. hi christine just wondering if your house has been rented out yet? if not could you pm the messages thanks louise x
  9. maddielou

    7 weeks today aaarrrggghhhhhhh

    hi dean just a quick question my partner works for royal mail has done for 10 years, driving biking and on foot hes done it all! just wondering we will be arriving 15th july have you got any vacancies like youve mentioned in previous posts on here because hell be looking for work asap really, im australian so hes got a permanent partner visa. Any help would be appricated, many thanks louise x
  10. maddielou

    3 weeks today yippeee!

    hi everyone, 3 weeks today we will be in perth after a year and a half saving and living with parents, its finally feeling real now! excited but nervous so much emotions its unreal! we will be staying in ocean reef first and its me, my partner and my two girls who are 6 and 2, so if anyone is having any catch ups let me know!
  11. maddielou

    how fine can we cut it !?!

    Hi guys were going with 3 months money to live on and 3k in our back pocket, would have had alot more but due to family issues a big chuck was taken out of it, but were not gonna let that stop us! We have got a bit of family to fall back on but we are determined to make it work! Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible! Just a saying I like!
  12. maddielou

    the count down begins again!

    Thank you guys yeah been pretty tough on everyone but they all want a holiday once weve settled lol so its making me more determined to make it work! luckily ive got some family over in perth too!
  13. maddielou

    the count down begins again!

    We was supposed to be heading to perth on the 25th march but 2 days before my dad got rushed into hospital cause he stopped breathing so long story cut short he was in intensive care for 2 weeks docs told us he wouldnt survive the next day he woke up out of his coma and now today you wouldnt know that all happened. MY dad told me to go and not to stay for him! So ive took his advice now weve rebooked tickets to go in july after changing the dates 3 times and spending alot of our savings doing this! but weve all stayed positive through all of this and now itll be 6 weeks till where there in perth! so such a tough year we need some good luck!! bring on perth! just needed to vent!
  14. Hi everyone ill be on the plane 2 weeks today, staying with family for 2 months but had to go before my family to get everything sorted! But a bit nervous now? Anyone one else flying out this month? when the rest of my family joins me ill feel better but 2 months seems long now! But on a positive note ill be pleased when I'm a little warmer!
  15. hi all, Just thought id see if anyone can help im looking for work in retail management/ customer service full time, if anyone has any contacts or know of anyone recruiting at the minute? I am an australian citizen so dont need a visa and will be coming over on the 25th march, ive got 10 years experience in retail, Im just finding it hard because im still in the uk. Has anyone else found this? would really appricate any advice thanks