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    Is it hard making friends, or is it us!!!!

    Hi there. My name is Rosie and I am Australian married to British Daniel. We moved to Mandurah 18 months ago to have our son Francis as we have family here. Dan and I lived on the east coast from 2010-2013 and found it easy to make friends, but here in Mandurah we have found it harder. I have a good mothers group but we are really in need of British pals, especially Dan who misses his pals in the UK very much. As an Australian I think I am allowed to say that Aussies (especially down here) can be very friendly or very unfriendly and are often intimidated by people who have seen a world outside of Australia so don't make a lot of effort. I hope this doesn't sound unfair, it is just my observation after living in England and returning home to Australia. Maybe start with British friends and go from there... at least there would be shared experience and cultural likeness... Australians are quite different to the British, not in a bad way, just have a different sense of humour etc. I seem to fall somewhere in the middle of Australian and British these days... maybe we should try and organise a Mandurah Brit meetup? I am new to the forum and joined us up in the hope to find some British friends with shared interests and personality, mainly for my husband but also for our lil boy Francis and I. All the best