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  1. Its all I think about and I'm not going for another year, I try not to keep talking about it but its hard not to lol
  2. elmo

    my first week

    Sounds awesome, very jealous I'm not there already
  3. Sorry to hear your finding it hard to meet people. I'm not there for another year so can't help but heard that you need to be very outgoing and never turn down an invitation if your ever offered. Have you tried the local bars and talk to some people. Or like this use other forums (especially backpacker ones).
  4. elmo

    Parents ever made you feel guilty?

    Me and my partner had the opposite happen as everyone is happy for us to move (but then again we don't have kids atm). The way I look at life is you can't put it on hold for anyone else. Its your life and you need to do what's best for you and your family, and after all its a great place for your parents to come holiday . Hoping to head the same time as you as well lol
  5. Awesome, fingers crossed everything goes easily for you
  6. elmo

    Moving to oz just a few questions

    Yea were going for farm work which I'm told will qualify for applying for 2nd year whv. I heard it was only $2500 each but will have to check again now. Thanks for the info (writing on 2 forums so sorry if any of you are on both lol)
  7. elmo

    Moving to oz just a few questions

    Thanks @mintpro will have a look and see
  8. elmo

    Moving to oz just a few questions

    Thanks for the response. When I called to the travel agents to ask they said it only covers 3 months but we plan on staying a year so would be no use to us. I'll see if I can find travel insurance online thanks
  9. elmo

    How do you know it's right?

    I've heard a lot more positive than negative but also heard its not as easy to get a job as were told but that there is plenty of jobs (a friend went a few months ago). I'm hoping to go next September so reading up on everything now and seems like it'll be a great move
  10. So we are a couple living in the UK (were in our 20s) and are looking to move September 2016. So far we have a job (almost confirmed) although closer to the time we would know 100%. My understanding is we need our whv (which we will apply for in January and that will mean when we enter the country in September we can work for a full year). We are going to stay with friends in Perth for 2 weeks before we head to Darwin for work for 6-12 months and in that time applying for our 2nd year. Once we arrive we will apply for our tax numbers and bank accounts. To my knowledge that's all we need, is there anything were missing? How about health insurance? I can't find anything to cover us for a year . Any help is greatly appreciated. Flights from Dublin for this year would be £700 for both us then the visas are £250 ish each so all in it seems about £1200 would get everything we need (except insurance) as when we head over and order our tax numbers and bank accounts that's free I believe.
  11. elmo

    goodbye uk ...hello perth

    Glad to hear your all enjoying it, were heading next year so good to hear good things lol