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  1. Yes, be cautious! Job openings in Perth at the moment are very limited or require pay-cut. You may want to consider other states in OZ.
  2. Aprilsky

    Job in the UK

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! I'm not British although all my qualifcations are from the UK. The motivation to accept the offer in the UK is really not based on money, rather it is because it represents the highest achievement in my professional development and I believe the experience will go a long way in my future career development. I just moved to Perth from a tiny country deemed as the Asian financial hub. Hmm, the reason for the move is that I want a more balanced life style. After working in the financial industry for years and dedicating all my time climbing corporate ladder, I started to wonder how much longer I can bear to live a life which only revolves around work and nothing else. Since I'm not getting any younger, I thought it's time for me to move to OZ to start a real life and embrace life's simple pleasures...... I'm holding an Australia permanent visa which will still remain valid even if I leave the country and work in the UK for two years. The employer in the UK will sponsor for my work permit in the UK, so visa is not part of my concern. Now the question is really whether I want to go back to the stressful and hectic life to further develop my career or stick to my original plan to have a better life in OZ with a less glamorous career. I will keep you guys posted on whatever decision I make. Thanks again for your time and for sharing the valuable advice.
  3. Aprilsky

    Job in the UK

    Hello guys, After being in Perth for 6 weeks, ironically I got an offer from a top employer in my industry in the UK. I find the offer too good to resist and I would kill to have such an opportunity if I hadn't moved to Australia. I'm in a big dilemma now. In fact, I have some potential offers in Australia coming along as well, but they may not match the offer in the UK. I would like to hear your views on why you think it's worthwhile for you to leave the stable and well paid job in the UK and come and live in Australia. Would you go for a better offer in the UK? Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone for sharing! have a nice day!
  5. Hello guys, I moved to Perth end of March and have been here for 5 weeks. I'm a chartered accountant with UK qualification and have worked in Big Four accounting firms in Malaysia and Singapore for more than 8 years, specialised in financial institution audit. I'm holding the skilled nominated visa subclass 190 which requires me to live in WA (including Perth) for at least the first two years after visa grant. I've sent out lots of job applications in the past weeks, but have not yet got any chance for interview. I'm starting to get a bit worried as the market here seems really tough for finance and accounting professionals with international experience:frown:. Fortunately, I'm staying at my friend's place (paying rent as well) and cooking at home is not expensive here, so my savings can last for a while. Appreciate it if any of you can share some insights on your job hunting. Many thanks!