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  1. chatterbox

    TRBWA.....for dummies!!

    Congratulations Ben, great news! We fly on Thursday and my post starts end Jan/start Feb. Can't believe it's here already! Sorry to hear about all the paperwork you've had to do.
  2. chatterbox

    TRBWA.....for dummies!!

    I'd like to know this too Ben!
  3. chatterbox

    Worst forum ever

    I just belly laughed at this - love it! A big thank you from me for all the help I've received on here from lovely people
  4. chatterbox

    TRBWA.....for dummies!!

    Great news about your visa! Hopefully I can help with some of your questions: 1. Yes, non-practising, then you change it to practising once you start work. 2. I sent it with my application (I think, but it was quite a while ago, so maybe best to check on that one, sorry!). 3. I'm secondary so my degree mattered, however for early years I suspect they'll just be looking to see whether you have a degree (of any subject) and then have the matching PGCE or equivalent for early years. Hope that helps and good luck
  5. chatterbox

    flying New Year's Eve

    We're travelling at the same time! Where are you flying from? We're Glasgow to Perth via Dubai on Emirates, leaving at 1.15pm I think.
  6. Hi, I can't remember whether I replied to this on the PIO forum or not, but gargoil13 and I will be a yes provided it's not the weekend we get our rental keys. I guess for that reason it's a maybe? Can't wait to meet you all!
  7. chatterbox

    Skills Assessment help anyone?

    Good luck! Bump
  8. chatterbox

    One week in lovely Perth since we landed......

    Delighted to hear this - great news. Enjoy every minute
  9. chatterbox

    Arrive in December?

    Scotty, we're hoping to come across at the end of Dec/start of Jan. This will only happen if I can secure a job in advance though. We've had to accept the fact that my husband will be out of work until at least February given what VS has said about recruitment. This will give him time to unpack etc so it's not the end of the world. I'm a wee bit concerned about having to humph boxes into our new place in 40 degree sunshine, I guess it'll be a baptism of fire! Yes, flights do seem more pricey which is why we're considering start of Jan...
  10. chatterbox

    National Identity Document - NI Number?

    Hi Scotty, For the identity docs I included my passport, drivers licence, birth certificate and marriage certificate. I didn't include my NI anywhere to my memory. My visa is still being processed so I'm not saying my approach is necessarily the best one! Good luck with your application.
  11. chatterbox

    Wonderful, wonderful Australia

    Great news! Thanks for taking the time to post, keeps those of us who are playing the waiting game going
  12. chatterbox

    Teaching applications

    Well done Ben - great news! What's your subject again?
  13. chatterbox

    Understanding the health system and Medicare

    Good luck VS!
  14. chatterbox

    Superannuation - Information Thread

    Really useful - thank you!