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    Residents return visa

    Thanks Ali Our visas expired in March We do own a house here and are both working we just want to go on holiday for a week in July. Will probably just apply and for the 1 year then apply again next year for 5 years
  2. Mark the spark

    Residents return visa

    Hi all we need to apply for a residents return visa, what's the quickest and easiet way to do this? we have been in Perth now 15 months, is it worth applying for the 5 year one or would the 1 year get processed easier? As I've read you need to have been here 2 years to get the 5 years. Anyone applied for 5 years without being here 2 years? Thanks in advance
  3. Mark the spark

    A decade in Aus

    Great read, Thanks for sharing
  4. No not done any other tickets yet have not needed to but think EWP and working at heights seem most important. There is a ticket for everything out here but from my experience so far a lot seem geared towards the mining sites up north. I had most UK tickets but they mean nothing over here. Get white card first and apply for provisional electrical licence on arrival as it takes about 3 weeks to be issued and you can't work without it. My wife is working full time as well so we're doing fine money wise hoping to buy a property soon. We are renting in one of the cheaper suburbs about 40 mins from CBD. We'd probably have to watch the pennies a bit more if we was further south paying bigger rent which is why we moved up here. Kids are settled in school and daycare and centrelink help towards childcare costs after school which we never got in UK.
  5. Somewhere between $25 to $30 dollars is about right. Its finding a company to take you on and sign off your hours that's the issue. It's fairly quiet building wise at the moment. We've been here 7 months and I've nearly completed my retraining and have final exam in October. I had a few contacts from the UK out here who luckily got me a start. Sent out loads of emails before we arrived and got pretty much no replies.
  6. Mark the spark

    John Butler Primary College

    She is 5 and turns 6 in November. As Arwen says depends on when she turned 6 as to year group. There is an even newer primary school in Alkimos which opened in Feb and one opening next Feb I think at Alkimos beach
  7. Mark the spark

    John Butler Primary College

    Our daughter goes there, in pre primary year and my son is starting kindy there in February. we've found it fine although we have nothing else to compare it to as we've only been here 7 months. It's only about 18 months old so the facilities are like new. It also has a swimming pool and our daughter is starting free lessons later this month. Its certainly better than the school she attended in the UK
  8. Mark the spark

    Decisions..... Yes.....no😵

    Re: Verystormy Not the case for my kids. Barely touched the iPads since we've been here the last 6 months. Very sweeping statement to make
  9. Mark the spark

    form 929

    Many thanks
  10. Mark the spark

    form 929

    Hi all Am currently filling in form 929 for change of passport details for our visas. Does anyone know an email address i can return the completed forms to? Also do the copies of the photo page of the new passport need to be certified? It says on the form it does but seems a little over the top to me? Many thanks in advance for any replies
  11. We should definitely be there now it's the 28th. Myself, my wife and our kids, girl 5 and boy 3.
  12. Mark the spark

    Nearly 4 months in!

    Brilliant update, Exciting knowing we'll be doing the same thing in less than 3 months. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Mark the spark

    Container insurance - should I shop around

    We've booked with John Mason after recommendation for some friends who moved over a couple of years ago. Theyve been good so far and have come and done survey and are coming to pack our stuff up on the 4th January ready for shipping. We're having half a container the cost is just over £2000.
  14. We arrive on the 12th of February so as long as it's a few days after that date we'll come. Me, my wife, 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son
  15. Mark the spark

    Are you moving to Perth in 2016

    We land February 12th