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  1. themcclellandsaremoving

    2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    I have a Tiguan here in Perth, my last VW service (60,000km) Cost me $1200, I'm now looking to change to a Mazda I asked Mazda about servicing costs $200. I have always had VWs in the UK, but never again purely down to the cost to service/repair. I was quoted $2500 for new air filters, brakes and 2 new tyres, that was on top of the service cost.
  2. My husband works at SCGH and we live in Shenton park, he cycles to work and it takes about 5 minutes. Rosalie Primary school is the local public school and scores very highly. Easy access to city, beach, playgroups etc. Equally cott, Claremont, Nedlands all very nice and have good schools too. We have a 5 and a 2 year old so if your wife would like to meet someone with similar age kids when she gets here for a coffee and a chat drop me a message and I'm sure we can sort something out. Good luck with the move
  3. themcclellandsaremoving

    Nationwide or similar card reader - borrow/use/can buy

    Hi Tom we have one, but I would like it back ideally, we are in Shenton park, my husband is off work tomorrow and Thursday if that helps? let me know if you still need it claire
  4. themcclellandsaremoving


    i would love to... I live in Shenton park.. I've been here 2 months, I will have my 2 kids with me 4 and 1
  5. We arrive on the 17th of January, will be lovely to meet you all on the 28th of feb
  6. Hi we are also arriving on the 18th January my husband has work at sir Charles gairdner and I'm a physio who is already registered in NZ so should be able to get AHPRA reg and start work pretty quickly! But in the meanwhile I will be enjoying Perth with our 2 young children.
  7. themcclellandsaremoving

    Has anyone used John Manson brittainia

    Hi all we have short listed are shipping agents to John Manson and brittainia as they seem to give the best price.. can anyone give positive or negative feedback on each company to help us with are final decision.... many thanks
  8. themcclellandsaremoving

    certifying docs - NURSE ???

    i just got 6 copied and signed and a form witnessed and signed for £120. The notary's secretary quoted £800 for this work, so get them to double check the price with the notary. Otherwise, make friends with a solicitor!? ? where are you going to be working? my husband is looking for work as a anaesthetic technician. He has had 1 interview and has 2 to go!
  9. themcclellandsaremoving

    Negotiating rent payments?

    Thank you for all your replies, really helpful- joshuthomas by fiscal year? Sorry I'm new to renting so not sure what this means. Cant wait to get over to perth and start our new life now!
  10. themcclellandsaremoving

    Negotiating rent payments?

    Hi all, looking for some advice re cost of rent. We are planning on moving out in March 2016, looking at rents at the moment, can you negotiate like you can in the UK. For example we are looking to spend between 600-850 a week in rent but is it worth looking at the 900 a week places and haggle them down?? Also am I right in thinking that the only other household bills to consider are water gas electricity broadband no council tax? no TV licence? many thanks in advance for your replies!