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  1. How's things for you? We are despereately wating for the last part now!!! Days or months who bloody knows!! :)
  2. We should be going in 2 mths :)))
  3. Hi how's things - do I see visa lodged?!?!?!? What are your timescales????
  4. Hi Topcat Who was your mortgage with if you don't mind me asking? Kind Regards Daz
  5. Hi all Does anyone know how long you could stop in the UK after you have activated your 176 permanent visa? Do you after be back in OZ within a certain time period or your visa expires? Cheers Daz
  6. Dazling Daz

    176 Visa - what is the process

    Hi Perthlife You say that you can come over on an holiday to activate your visa and then go back to the UK. Do you know how long you can stop in the UK before returning to OZ? Kind Regards Daz
  7. Dazling Daz

    176 Visa - what is the process

    Hi PomPom I sent my state sponsorship form off last Tuesday and it still has not come back yet. I sent them an email and they came back saying they are taking about 2 to 3 weeks at the moment. Kind Regards Daz
  8. Dazling Daz

    Diac Pecking Order

    Hi All Does anyone know if the Diac actually access the visa applications in the order that they are lodged or do they pick and choose. If I lodged my visa before the 1st July would it get assessed before the ones lodged after the 1st? Cheers Daz
  9. Dazling Daz

    Car Import Costs

    Hi Druid The info is exactly what I was after. cheers. Did you sort this out on your own or did some one do it for you? Where did you get all your info from? Cheers Daz
  10. Dazling Daz

    176 or 175 Visa Time Scales

    Hi All I now have enough points to apply for a non state sponsored independant visa (175) instead of the 176. Does any one know if their is moreof a chance getting a 176 instead of a 175 and is it quicker to do so? Cheers Daz
  11. Dazling Daz

    Car Import Costs

    Hi All Can anyone give my an idea of how much it actually costs to take your car with you to OZ? Daz
  12. Hi All This is a silly question, and I can probably guess the answer but I thought I would just ask. Does anyone know how important it is to declare your exact employment history when applying for a visa to the DIAC. I am only asking because on my standard CV I miss off a couple of jobs where I only spent 6 months at each. Does the DIAC actually check out every employer. I just do not want to give them an excuse to reject the application. I would guess the response to this post will be to exactly recored all correct information. If this is so then does any one know whether any potential Australian employer would see all the information that I declared to the DIAC? Cheers Daz
  13. Dazling Daz

    Is there any Mechanical Engineers out their?

    Hi Elfie What type of Engineer is your husband? As he got a job to go to? Daz
  14. Dazling Daz

    Ielts on 14 April - very scared

    Hi 82rhoads I thought that the tsts in the book was very representative of the real thing. Good luck Daz
  15. Hi all As the title asks, is their any Mechanical Engineers on the forum. It would be great to talk to some guys actually working in Perth as a Mechanical Engineer. Thanks Daz