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  1. Porcupine

    Property rental - how quick?

    Hi Bestie85. I have an apartment for a 2 week rolling agreement. Every two weeks it gets reduced further until I hit $120 per night. Airbnb and homeaway all seemed very pricey in comparison. It also depends on where you want to rent and how big a place you want. If you email me directly I can try help you out
  2. Porcupine

    Property rental - how quick?

    Insured through HSBC as I have an account in the UK so it was a reciprocal process. You can carry your NCB from any insurer in the world across to another insurer, you just need proof of your NCB, which I got from esure within a day
  3. Porcupine

    Property rental - how quick?

    Hi Scotty I have just arrived so maybe I can help. I secured an apartment from the UK for a month. Not cheap, but I wanted fully furnished, internet included (unlimited), parking and proximity to the city. Also all utilities to be included. I have since looked at other apartments in the city and they are slightly cheaper. Bear in mind I am looking at executive type places. The rent is in the region of $100 upwards per day. You can negotiate a better rate. There is most definitely not an over supply at the moment for this type of residence. I can tell you that dealing with estate agents here is ridiculous compared to the UK - bring your patience with. Car insurance is dead cheap compared to the UK. I am paying less than half what I did there for a similar vehicle. This could be due to 15 years NCB - can also put you in touch with an ex pom who is brilliant in terms of getting a really good vehicle Good luck
  4. Porcupine

    Just over two weeks

    Hi everyone. After many years of deliberation I have finally made the move to Perth and am currently slap bang in the CBD, which is great from a finding job perspective and when the rain subsides perfect for exploring within the realms of public transport, which is great. Ive managed to get a car this past weekend - anyone want a recommendation on a dealer let me know - he is an ex Pom and his mechanic friend is a quality Scotsman, both have been here for many many years and know the market inside out. Hopefully I can get work in WA as the East Coast keeps beckoning, have flown over twice already, then I can ship my two sons and wife over. Its been a pretty lonely fathers day today, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run