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    Renewal of UK driving licence??

    We have been in Perth now for just under 2 years now & planning to stay...... I have noticed recently that my UK driving licence will expire in July - I understand that you need to be resident in the UK to be able to renew it.... So, do people when they emigrate just let it lapse, because you can drive in the UK on their Aussie licence? Or do you renew using a relative's address? I don't want to let it lapse if there is a way around it, and then have loads of hassle later on re-sitting my test if we decide to move back!!
  2. Tiggerprawns

    Best bank account for new arrivals?

    Hi which are the big 4 please?
  3. Tiggerprawns

    Best bank account for new arrivals?

    Hi you just took the words out of my mouth!!....sorry I can't help, but I am interested in the answer....... I just logged on here to ask the same question, so hope you don't mind me commenting on your post. We move out in 8 weeks & I'm looking to open an account ahead of flying but didn't know how easy that'd be without knowing the address we're going to be living at yet x x x
  4. Tiggerprawns

    Any thoughts on Attadale / Bicton?

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone could give me some of their thoughts about the suburbs of Attadale and Bicton please? In terms of costs of rentals, are they nice areas? Good primary schools in the vicinity? Proximity to amenities/shops /cinemas/ beach? Does it have its own 'centre' as such where you can get the basics? Is it a quiet area or lively? Any feedback gratefully received - hubby flies out in 7 weeks and we (me and kids ) follow 3 weeks later! Now starting to feel a mix of stomach-churning every time I think of it and excitement x x thanks in advance for any help x
  5. Tiggerprawns

    First post to say Hi everyone

    Hi, we're in a very similar position to you by the sounds of it - We live in Liverpool at the moment & we're moving to Perth in 12 weeks. My hubby is heading out first too just like yourslef (on 26th June), and I follow with the kids in mid-July. He will use his time there to do the same, adminy practical stuff and finding somewhere to live. We're doing research on the forum too, and wanting to make connections, so if you're interested and fancy a beer once you're over there i'm sure my husband (Gregg) would oblige and you could compare notes on what you've found so far!! Good luck with your move, we're just starting our goodbyes now and the whole rollercoaster of emotions that comes with such a move! Take care, Denise x
  6. Tiggerprawns

    Moving to perth

    Hi there! We make the move soon too, my hubby flies out on 26th June & Follow with the kids on 11th July. No one particular leaving do planned, but individual get togethers with people we want to say goodbye to......which is proving exhausting!! Good luck to everyone making the move x
  7. Tiggerprawns

    Enrolling kids in school.....

    Hi I'm asking quite a few questions in one here, but: how long before starting do people enrol their kids in school? Could my husband enrol our son before we get here (husband is coming ahead) , or does our son have to be here? Does the school need proof of address ? Also, are after school / breakfast clubs easily accessible in Perth and its suburbs? Just trying to gauge how working parents manage with working hours / school runs etc.... What time do breakfast clubs usually run to? And what time do after school clubs close? X x x
  8. Tiggerprawns

    What is salary saving???

    Hi, can anyone explain to me what salary-saving is for healthcare workers? is it worth doing? What does it mean for my wages? Thank you!
  9. Tiggerprawns

    Moving to Perth August 2016!!

    Hi we're making the move in July, house is being sold at the moment, so lots to sort!! Coming out with Hubby and 2 kids (who'll be 3 & 6 by then). So meet ups for play dates / note swapping welcome! Good luck with it all x
  10. Hi Happy Christmas to you all! This is our last one in the UK, as we'll be making the move in the new year.....as such I was wondering which electrical items can we bring to use over in Oz? i take it larger stuff like washing machines and fridge freezers will be too high voltage to be compatible? Just trying to plan what we'll bring and what we will have to buy new over there..... i think ive seen some threads that say uk tv's can be used with an Aussie box?? cheers in advance x
  11. Tiggerprawns

    nurse / aphra / visa question ?

    Hi Ali, I've been reading this post and just wanted to ask about the job freeze - I'm an ITU nurse, planning to move to Perth in June/July time . I already have the or visa and ahpra registration in place, so was going to start applying for jobs in the new year...... Is this a freeze of nursing jobs state-wide? Or just for state sponsored nurses?
  12. Tiggerprawns

    Car seats for children in Oz?

    Hi can anyone tell me what the regs are on kids car seats in Oz please? Is it like in the UK where they have to be in a seat or a booster up the age of 11 or 12 I think? Or different kind of seat altogether? Just trying to think about if we need to bring our car seats when we transport our stuff...... Thanks for all your help
  13. Tiggerprawns

    Age starting school???

    Hi I've read a few other people's threads on this subject(in the quest to get my head around it!), and have also looked on WA Education's website....... We are due to move to Perth next June and have a 5yr old & a 2 yr old. i understand the cut off date fir the school year is different over there (end of June instead of end of August), but I just want to clarify I understand this right - my my little boy will be 6 in July, so am I right in thinking he'll be slotted into a pre-primary class, as it'll be half way through the school year when we move? Is pre-primary the equivalent of Reception in the UK? also, my little girl turns 3 in April, and I have read that children will start school (Kindergarten) in the year they turn 4, providing they turn 4 before the 30th June..... So as she'll turn 4 in April 2017, will she start school in January 2017, aged 3yrs 9months? Is kindergarten equivalent to the 15 free hours you can get for a 3 year old back in the UK? And as such is it just part time in Oz, or full time? Some clarification for my confused head would be very much appreciated!! Thank you
  14. Tiggerprawns

    Where to live???

    Hi, this is my first ever post here, so here goes!..... myself and and my family (hubby & 2 kids, aged 5&2 ) will be making the move to Perth next June / July time. I have soooooo many questions swimming around my head,and looking on this forum has really helped so thought it was about time I put a post of my own on! I thought I'd start with this question first..... How do you decide where to live? I know starting where you work is good......I'm a nurse and will start applying for jobs in the new year. I am interested in the new Fiona Stanley Hospital, so if I was to work there, which are the affordable suburbs up to half an hour travel by car away? where we live at the moment is a suburb of liverpool,in England, it's on the beach, so we're about 10 minutes walk from the beach. We like not being in the city, but being a short train ride away to get in if we want to, but the suburb where we live has the main shops, parks, coffee shops and wine bars so it has stuff of its own going on. So it's that we are really after in Perth, somewhere nice to live, close to parks, driving distance to the beach - we don't mind being slightly inland to live somewhere cheaper, but just want some ideas of where is nice. any ideas or advice gratefully received. What is Perth like as a city centre - big? Spread out? Lots of shopping choices? How has everyone else found the move themselves? Settling kids in etc? making friends? thanks in advance for any replies..........
  15. Tiggerprawns

    Are you moving to Perth in 2016

    Planning to move out in June/ July time!............Very excited but also scared, soooo much to do!