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    Advice on getting down under

    Thank you for getting back to me. Sorry for the delay. May have to explore the accounting side again then and see where we go. You say that accountants don't need experience?? Can I ask where you heard that so I can do some.more research. You never know, I might enjoy heading back to the office instead of the streets.
  2. Hi all, long time reader first time poster........I know, cheesy Anyway, I have now for a long time been considering emigration, and due to a change in family circs here in currently sunny UK, I am seriously considering it. However, due to the way I have gone in my life, dispite my education, I don't match the SOL and only 1 on the CSOL (Police). I am currrently a UK Police officer, and would seriously consider a transfer, but from what I have read over the past few months, WA seem to be the only chance of taking international transfers at the moment, and no news if that will even happen sometime in the near future (unless someone knows otherwise). The other issue with this is that I will have 8 years service in August, and although only just turned 30, last year the service limits was 3-7 years (I know they have boosted this to 10 years in the past). With the current moral and way things are going over here with terroist threats and attacks from all sides, not sure how much longer I can continue with this role in this country - dispite loving the actual bare bones of the job (even the paperwork) My question to you all, if anyone does have 5 minutes to help, is what other way can I look at going..... I have a BA Hons degree in Financial management joint with Business IT as well as A-Levels in computer programming, Accountancy and Mathematics and numerous Policing qualifications (NVQ's from training and promotion exams), but I have no experience other than supervisor roles in the Co-Op shop when I was in Uni. I am considering taking some distant volcational courses in IT and business to boost what I have, but looking at the current jobs market and recent updates on here, not sure that work will that easy to come by for the un-experienced. Anyone with any pointers will be greatly apprechiated.