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  1. Mims

    Looking for others in area

    Hi guys, We've Been here nearly 3 months now, SOR. Both 26, 2x fur babies that we brought with us, sausage dogs who love kids, keen to meet people and socialise. Hubbys stuck into work but I'm waiting for the right job and I'm booored!!
  2. Mims

    Waiting Game!!!!

    Just search form 80 online and you will find it then upload it to your immi account once complete. It's a pain but if they have it then you may save yourself a further delay if they decide they want it,it's about 2 in 3 people they get to fill it in apparently.
  3. Mims

    Waiting Game!!!!

    Waiting game is over for us,we got our invite this morning,so overwhelming waking up to that, can't believe we are PERMENENT RESIDENTS!!!!
  4. Mims

    Invite to apply!!!!!!!!!!

    And uuuuuuuus!!!!!!!! =D!!!!!! 6 weeks to the day we applied and 2 years ago we were on the top of Sydney harbour bridge! So excited!!!!! Congrats to you and yours!!
  5. Mims

    Invite to apply!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to say it only gets harder Sami, you just need to try and think about anything but if you can and busy yourself with other things, we've been waiting 6 weeks so half way there based on their service standard although I hope we hear sooner. Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. Mims

    Taking tools in luggage vs shipping

    This is interesting, when did you make the move? From our year there my hubby concluded that tools were more expensive but maybe that was just a few things he noticed that has caused him to draw a negative conclusion overall. The only other thing he says is the hassle of buying everything again,he's got so much. It's also brands, he has been through several chop saws for instance before finding the one he likes and he's the same with everything... its a tricky decision =S
  7. Mims

    Taking tools in luggage vs shipping

    Found this tonight which is useful http://content.emirates.com/downloads/ek/pdfs/dangerous_goods/EN_EK_1890_Dangerous_Goods_2016.pdf
  8. Mims

    Taking tools in luggage vs shipping

    We are in the same boat, hubby needs at least some tools as soon as we land, we were really hoping we could put them in our baggage. The one thing I'm sure will be a problem is his drill batteries,I think they are funny about those...
  9. Mims

    would you book flights now?

    Hi Pegg. I was reading a thread on POI he other day and someone had booked the flights before having the visa, the visa came through 2nd Nov and they flew 8th Nov- very close and very stressful for them I believe. I guess if you find out the cost of moving the flight when you book it, if reasonable then there's not too much lost if you do have to change it. I've been very tempted to book flights myself as I've seen some really good deals,we are likely flying in May too. Although in theory there shouldn't be any issues with the visa I've read of people waiting 6+ months for theirs for no good reason whatsoever and there is still that small chance we will get refused for some reason,I just can't bring myself to believe we will get a visa until I see it in black and white... looking forward to to the party - enjoy!
  10. Mims

    Visas granted!!!!!!!

  11. Mims


    I think it is we absolutely loved it, I think we had a deal when we went which included bikes and accommodation and it didn't wrk out that expensive.
  12. Mims

    Form 80

    It is a nightmare form but I read on POI that 2 in 3 people get asked for it these days and if you get asked it delays your visa grant as you get put to the bottom of the pile, not sure how true that is but someone did post that their visa took 6 months and they waited for medicals to be requested before doing them and then after that the form 80 was requested, they seemed pretty sure that if they'd've done them in advance they wouldn't have waited so long. Waiting is already driving us insane so I thought I'd get form 80 done and out the way just in case.
  13. Mims

    Visa Granted!! OMG..followed by sad face!!

    Don't despair. Everything happens for a reason. Your daughters emotional because she will be feeding off of you both and will have picked up on all the heightened emotion and conversations going on, it's a big deal and she knows that,it's all becoming real. As a child I grew up in a country with the same opportunities and adventures that Australia has to offer and that is what takes me there,I want that for my kids. Hopefully your daughter will see the benefits of Australia when she gets there and be thankful to you her whole life that you did this. I'm thankful to my parents for the decision they made that resulted in the most wonderful childhood for me. She's young and adaptable, she will be just fine I'm sure. As for your house, im sorry to hear that, that isn't good news at all, but the housing market is in a good place,I hope that you have another buyer soon. Do you have to sell,could you rent it out and keep it as an investment maybe?
  14. Mims

    Waiting Game!!!!

    Hi Scotty, no we were not asked for Form 80 but I read on POI that 2 in 3 people get asked for it these days and that it delays the process, 1) because you have to complete all 18 pages of it and 2) because you get put to the bottom of the pile again. Therefore I opted to just do it now and upload it so if they want it they've got it =)
  15. Mims

    Invite to apply!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Sam! We got ours on the 8th Jan and we're just as excited. After years ourselves we finally feel like we are nearly there, fingers crossed it all works out, just so desperate for the visa grant now, nothing more to do but wait! good luck with your application!