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  1. ADDITIONAL ON MY LAST POST, anyone can help which of these is best to focus on? I will read all of them anyway Recommended Reading List Any edition of the texts below from the last 10 years would be suitable 1. Manual of Clinical Microbiology. 10th Ed. James Versalovic Editor in Chief 2011 American Society for Microbiology. 2. Practical Haematology. 6th Ed. Dacie and Lewis Churchill Livingstone. 3. Medical Laboratory Haematology Hall and Malia Butterworths. 4. Technical Manual. 10th Ed. American Association of Blood Banks. 5. Textbook of Diagnostic Cytology The New South Wales Institute of Technology Information and Publications unit. 6. Cellular Pathology 2 nd Ed. Cook,D.J 2006 Scion Publishing 7. Difiores Atlas of Histology with functional correlations 10 th Edition Eroschenko,V.A 2005 Lippincott 8. The Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry Tietz, Saunders Saunders 9. Clinical Chemistry Kaplan Mosby - Williams Publishers. 10. Essential Guide to blood groups Daniels and Bromilow Wiley
  2. Hello Fellow Medical Scientists! I am also new to this forum and a las! i found a good way to ask about questions regarding AIMS exams. I'm planning to take this exam this next year and I hope you can provide or give us some knowledge of what books to read or any other pointers for the Examination. I would gladly appreciate for any info you can give me or any handouts or any review books I can use, please I am desperate for this exam and to pass it, please help anyone! Please message me with details THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! GODBLESS!!