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  1. Good evening my husband is in Perth working as a gp and im in the U.K. with our children. We were meant to be joining him in April but due to the restrictions our visas were cancelled. He is on a tss visa for another two years. I’m really struggling without I’m and like many people right now I’m finding this all very confusing and difficult. Does anyone know about the exemption list ? Or any hope of the U.K. being air bridged with Australia. I need to be with my husband. We also just bought a house in Perth :( which he’s rattling around in bless him but it’s causing us financial hardship because we need to get the U.K. houses rented out.
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    North or South?

    I would also like to know the answer to this question x
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    That's alright then won't feel like a minority on both sides ha ha I really like the look of mindarie need to work out what our rental budget will be and find out school fees
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    I was looking at mindarie and quins rocks do you know anything about those x
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    Hello so my partners job has been confirmed for Merriwa and now the wait and search for a rental begins. I have a 5 year old daughter he is south African and myself british and we are keen to get her into a top school. Any suggestions for us please I've never been to oz and we are popping over in late September for a week xxx