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  1. Suzanne McGee

    Partner Visa application timeframe

    Living in uk I have Aussie passport partner English just deceiding if we apply in the UK or go to oz and apply onshore anyone got wait times for in and off shore please.
  2. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    Hi just been reading some things about partner visas wondered if you could shed some light . i am a permanent resident of Australia with an Australia passport,but I due to messy divorce I returned to the Uk and been here for a few years now.Since I got here I met my partner and now at the stage we want to return to live in Australia to be near my children. can he go on partner visa to oz with me??? just concerned as I've just read that I've to of lived in Australia the last 2 years to sponcer him on a partner visa.
  3. Suzanne McGee

    Partner visa

    Hi just found this wondered if you could help. im Australian but been in Uk last 4 years now looking at getting my partner over there and wondering if we should app,y here in UK or when we are in Australia on holiday in February . we know he can't work and we can afford for him not to until visa is granted any help would be great. we are doing for,s on our own.
  4. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    Sorry if we are on holiday in Austrlia and apply for a partner visa can the person applying for visa leave Australia on a holiday to Bali etc?
  5. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    If we apply for partner visa while on holiday to Australia can my the person applying g leave Oz for a holida elsewhere?
  6. If we apply once in OZ for partner visa is my partner allowed to leave Oz for a holiday.x
  7. Suzanne McGee

    Homesick for Perth but living in the UK

    just donit mids adapt better than you think I stressed and had many sleepnesss nights 15 years ago my kids were 8-4 both went into school without any problems and have lived there all those years,dont over think it just do it get them into sport have sleepovers it will work out.
  8. Suzanne McGee

    Amazon firestick

    Has anyone used an Amazon firestick bought in the UK that's chipped can it be used in Australia?
  9. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    What's cost of a partner visa showing $6800 for first part of visa what other cost is there and what are people finding for average wait for a partner visa.
  10. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    thank u
  11. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    Is it better to do online or paper ? If online is it Aus gov or a uk site?thank u.x
  12. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    Really I never knew that about bridging visa thank u.
  13. Suzanne McGee

    Moving to Perth in the New Year

    Life hard without a car in Perth.
  14. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    Could he get a bridging visa on just a regular tourist visa. if better applying uk that's what we will do and just go on holiday in feb,but if we can apply in feb while there and not return uk that would be better. as for shipping not an issue.
  15. Suzanne McGee

    apply in oz or uk?

    Advice needed we were going to do last year but had a family issues here in uk. we are living in the uk but I've got my Austr.ian passport and been with my partner 3 years. we are going to oz in feb for a holiday but wondering if we should apply for a partner visa in the uk or when we are in oz. my partner is thinking of leaving work and maybe we go to oz for 6 months and apply for partner visa there. he won't work and can afford not to and I will work. any advice would be great.