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  1. biscuits72

    Adventure World

    Just to add, for anyone visiting Perth you can get a free guide called Hello Perth, either in paper copy or online. It includes loads of discount vouchers for tourist attractions and 25% off Adventure World.
  2. biscuits72

    YES to Daylight Savings in Perth

    We were surprised last week when we arrived in Perth from Adelaide at 7.30 pm to find it already dark! Daylight savings makes such a difference and from what we heard, it has been tried before 3 times in WA. Apparently the country dwellers are against it but city residents are for it. For us, it is definitely a bonus to have that extra evening time in the sun after working all day :-)
  3. biscuits72

    Adventure World

    Thanks for all the ideas. I have the digital Entertainment Book for Adelaide and use it alot. I'm always on the lookout for a bargain, so will check out the tips mentioned so far
  4. biscuits72

    Adventure World

    Hi all! Any tips on Adventure World and where to get the best priced tickets please? We'll be touching down in Perth in a week's tim for a holiday and a reccie, can't wait!!
  5. biscuits72

    Carpenter seeking work

    Hi Andy, Can't help you on the job front although my hubby is a carpenter, we are in Adelaide at the mo. Just interested that you lived in Mandurah previously but plan to go to Joondalup. Any particular reason? We have been considering the Mandurah area.
  6. biscuits72

    Eating out

    We are heading to Perth next month for a good look around and a holiday. We are staying in Cottlesoe then Mandurah. Looking for good value, family friendly options to eat out. Any recommendations please? TIA
  7. biscuits72

    Singapore Stopover

    We did the night safari at the zoo, well worth doing.
  8. biscuits72


    Can anyone tell me what the average price of house rates is in the Mandurah area, please? Just heard of a friend paying over $2300 in Armadale! TIA
  9. biscuits72

    Holiday Rentals

    Have a look at Wotif, Airbnb and Hotelscombined
  10. biscuits72

    Winter in Perth

    Thanks for the replies so far. All sounding good to me :-)
  11. biscuits72

    Winter in Perth

    Hi there! Well we've had a long cold winter here in Adelaide. We've been in socks, boots and jeans since the end of April. How is winter in Perth? The temps look warmer on all the weather reports, but how does it feel? Do you swim, go to the beach in winter? Are the surf clubs still active? Do schools have a winter uniform? Just trying to gauge the differences :-)
  12. biscuits72

    Fiona Stanley- Mental Health

    Yes, keeping a close eye on those job sites. Just trying to get a good overview of services in comparison to SA. Thx
  13. biscuits72

    Fiona Stanley- Mental Health

    Thanks Ali! I currently work in a sub-acute Intermediate Care unit. Would you know if there's anything similar around Perth please? Cheers
  14. Hi there! Just looking at options for work in mental health nursing and noticed some job adverts for Fiona Stanley. Has anyone had experience working there? Please feel free to private message if more appropriate. TIA :-)
  15. biscuits72

    Arrived last night

    That's us Rich, ha ha! Small world hey? ! Enjoy your time in WA