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  1. davidlewis

    medicare whilst on 3 month holiday

    I registered once and got a temporary card sent out in the post. Then last year I went down again to register but this time I was told that I didn't need to. Because we have reciprocal cover it would be fine. I ended up in hospital this time and when I went to A&E I just showed my passport and that was me. All the care I needed and well looked after. I hope this helps.
  2. davidlewis

    Too old!!

    Hi you asked in your post about how to get a 6 month visa hence my reply to you
  3. davidlewis

    Too old!!

    Hi i have been here on both a 6 month + 12 month long stay holiday visas. I did not have to pay out big money to a migration agent. i got them through a vasa travel company. There is a criteria for applying such as having enough funds to support yourself for the period of stay and proof of some sort of income. if you contact the following company who I have used they will tell you what you need and will apply for it for you for the set fee of the visa it's The travel visa company telephone 01270 250590. I hope that this helps you in some way to at least get a year visa quickly and easily
  4. davidlewis

    Ex-Armed Forces Associations

    Google for RSL this is similar to RBL hope this helps
  5. Tapping where my daughter lives is NOR near Jundalup and (I think )about 50 minutes or there abouts from the airport. Some other nice areas up around there.
  6. Good luck with your move. Where in Perth are you moving to?
  7. Hello What area of Perth do you live in? My daugther and family are from Ballymena N Ireland, they live in Tapping NOR. They are much the same age group as you and have 2 boys 7 & 11 I am flying out to stay with them in about 3 weeks time.
  8. davidlewis

    Flights and best Route

    I am flying in 4 weeks time with Singapore airlines leaving Belfast/Heathrow/Singapore and on to Perth,( my choice) I have used other routes in the past mostly Emirites. via Heathrow/Dubai which I was quite happy with. I have now discovered that you can fly with Emirites. Dublin/Dubai and then Dubai to Perth. This would cut down on the stop overs, but then the price would need to be taken into concideration.
  9. davidlewis

    opening bank account before moving

    Hi I just holiday in Australia with my family and have a Westpac account. You can go on line and open one they will send any paper work to you in UK to sign and return to them and you have something like 6 months to deposit funds to keep it activated and when you arrive in Oz you can then go to the branch with the required ID and pick up your cards. Hope this helps
  10. Hello I shall be travelling to Perth sometime in October and shall be staying with family on a sub class 676 long stay holiday visa. I take BISOPROLOL & PENINDOPRIL tablets for blood pressure and also PRAVASTATIN for cholesterol. I have contacted Medicare Australia reference geting a repeat prescription uner the (RHCA) reciprocal health care agreement and (PBS) pharmaceutical benefits scheme, but their answer was a bit vague. I know the system whereby I bring a letter from my own doctor in UK confirming that I am prescribed these tablets, take it to an Australian doctor who could issue me with a script to get these on payment if they fall into the above (PBS). Has anyone had family out staying with them on a long stay visa and was able to have any of these prescribed by an Australian doctor or under the above scheme or did they have a problem. I have been informed that I can bring with me up to 3 months supply but it is after they run out. Any advice will be much appreciated. David