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  1. Hi,

    I hope you don't mine me messaging you. How is the student visa process working out for you? I'm in the same boat, looking at this visa option then see if I can get sponsorship.

  2. kayla51012

    4year old coming to perth

    Hiya thank you for your reply that's great information. So my son will be going to kindy are kindy attached to schools? also do you know if the fees have to be paid upfront or can you pay it over the months? thanks K x
  3. Hiya thank you for your reply firstly. apparently speaking to visa advisors four years isn't enough to qualify for PR need 5 years plus. I'm hoping once I'm over there it maybe a different story as I'll be applying within Australia. So my plan was to come back on a student visa do my level 4 and go into immigration in perth to find out exactly what I need to do as it seems that no one has a answer for me. driving me up the wall. thank you K x
  4. Hi there thanks for looking. id like to introduce myself my names Michaela, I am a fully qualified chef with level 3 nvq diploma certificates behind me. I have around 10 years experience in kitchens from cafe food to fine dining. I have also experienced cooking in bulk and food to order. I am very passionate about my job and enjoy cooking for each individual. I am currently looking for a sponsorship from a employer if possible, if not though I will be returning to Australia on a student visa to do my level 4. if anyone could help me in pointing me in the right direction or has any ideas that could help me that would be much appreciated . thank you kind regards Michaela
  5. kayla51012

    4year old coming to perth

    Hi guys, im returning to perth on the 16th of June 2017 and my son is 4 and he is 5 in October. does he go to school? Kindy? Preschool? I'm moving north of the river round joondalup way does anyone one know anywhere great to put him into? thanks K x
  6. Hi there, i am a qualified level 3 chef with 4 years on paper experience but have 10. iv been told I can only get a sponsored employer visa 457 if I'm correct. So I am coming back to oz on a student visa and try find a employer that way. But does anyone know what I would have to studie if I didn't get a sponsor and how long for to get PR ? If anyone could help would love to here views thanks K x
  7. Hello there, thanks for taking the time to read this post. Here is some information for employers on myself. I am a 24 year old women looking for a sponsorship in cooking in any way or form. I am a very hard working person who works at a high standard. I have 8 years experience in cooking and love the job of filling peoples tummies. I am great at working as a team and also on my own. I am currently working for Bupa nursing home as a cook and also have worked in restaurants before that. I have lived and worked in Perth, Australia before for nearly 3 years which was 3 years ago last month. I am currently looking to return to Australia. If there is any employers that may take the time out of their busy schedule to help me i would be forever greatful. Thanks for reading Any extra information you would like to know you can either reply to this post or email me directly on mcornell91@hotmail.com Thanks again Kind Regards