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    Where can I learn to swim?!!!

    Most public pools will offer 1 to 1 classes though not exactly cheap. You can get qualified swim instructors for cheaper on gumtree and they'll train at your local pool or in your own pool. My local community pool regularly holds adult classes and I see adults from all sorts of background learning to swim. I find that more and more adults(migrants) take up swimming lessons to truly enjoy the outdoors here.
  2. tooz2012

    Mortgages when income is not from Australia

    Not being a resident can be tricky but a friend of mine (resident) and his spouse (not a resident) bought a place with mortgage while he was working overseas. There are other more complex ways like trusts and such but you need proper legal advice. A broker is a good start but be sure to talk to more than one. Also, depending on where you are headed not buying right away may also be a good thing. Perth for example is a declining market at the moment.
  3. tooz2012

    recession - heard a few regrets

    Median prices can be heavily skewed especially with a lot of investor exit happening at the moment. Quite a few people held out thinking that the prices would keep on growing and now they are rushing to accept whatever offers they can get. It's good news for home buyers. I believe, in a year or so the market will have stabilized and will be ripe to buy for first time investors.
  4. tooz2012

    Structural Engineer moving to Perth

    If you work in a capacity to sign off stuff then get your Engineers Australia status sorted. I would probably start contacting people some time next month. Not much hiring happens from Nov to late Jan.
  5. Depending on your area of expertise - get in touch with local agencies. Also, get a Perth phone number. You can get one on Skype and forward your calls.
  6. tooz2012

    Medicare/ Health care confused

    Different limits for Singles and Families - https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Medicare-levy/Medicare-levy-surcharge/Income-for-Medicare-levy-surcharge,-thresholds-and-rates/ Premium loading is on private insurance. The 30% or so PHI rebate won't cover those loadings, I believe. http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/
  7. tooz2012

    Living Costs

    As a guide, aim to spend less than 40% of your take home pay on rent + commute and other stuff will work out. If you want to live in a good school district then may have to pay a bit more for rent or settle for fewer bedrooms. Perth rental market is quite flat at the moment so you'll have more choice and possibility of negotiating the rent down.
  8. +1 for CommInsure. Great service and a no non-sense approach. Don't forget to include "Accidental damage" as part of your policy. Heard good things about RAC and AAMI too. AAMI has an interesting model where they don't insure for a fixed amount but pays whatever it takes to *replace* the house. Could be beneficial or not. Personally, I would stay away from Allianz - heard too many bad stories.
  9. tooz2012

    Nosey question

    <$2k. Stayed with friends. Bought a cheap car and top roadside assistance from RAC. Luckily, job was sorted fairly quickly. Kept the clunker for a few more months and sold it for more than what I bought it for. Like others said, friends and family make all the difference and good exchange rate, ofcourse