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  1. JobyJo


    The speaking and listening is the exact same test as the academic. The writing and reading are a little easier. It was the reading that I found most difficult on both academic and general but overall the general was easier.
  2. JobyJo


    Yes, you can do the general now. That's what happened to me. Good luck. ?
  3. JobyJo

    We have finally arrived!

    There were quite a few issues with my application and the chap who dealt with my application left so that put a delay on it. 6 months in total for them to refuse it!
  4. Hi all After 5 weeks settling in, the children are at school, DH is at work and I'm filling my days until I manage to get work sorted. Does anyone fancy a walk/coffee - burns beach, mullalloo or Hilary's maybe. I usually head down when I've dropped the children off. ?
  5. JobyJo

    We have finally arrived!

    Good luck @beandownunder I really hope it works out for you. When I spoke to the lady who rubs the course she said they are always fully booked full of English or Irish nurses. Having said that I know a few that have got their registration so it's all a bit nonsensical really.
  6. JobyJo

    Case officer appointed

    It took 5 months to get our visa's granted after Med checks etc!! Hopefully all will go quickly for you. Hang in there....
  7. JobyJo

    We have finally arrived!

    Thank you. Seems a really nice area.
  8. JobyJo

    We have finally arrived!

    Ahpra said that my transcript of training and letter from NMC about medicine management is not enough (yet others I know have only sent that too). I have sent them everything they requested certified even a syllabus of my training programme signed by the university. They have my degree certificate plus a whole bunch of other stuff. Apparently I have to do the bridging programme ($16000) before they will give me registration. I have to decide now if I want to pay or give up on my 20 year nursing career! ?
  9. JobyJo

    We have finally arrived!

    We are in Connolly @Jen78. Where are you? All seems good so far. Container arrived in port yesterday so once that arrives with us it will feel a bit more like home. Haven't had any negative experiences yet - apart from nursing registration but as you say, pressure off a bit with DH working. Jx
  10. After a long 2 years of planning, the dream came true and we landed at Perth airport on 7th September, tired and excited. We were fortunate enough to stay with friends for the first 4 days before moving into a holiday let for 10 days. The last 10 days have been manic (and expensive) but I finally feel we are getting there and settling in already. So here's what we have done in the last 10 days: Bought a car, enrolled children into school, medicare and Centrelink visit complete, GP sorted, kids started althletics and enrolled at hockey club, found a rental for the next 12 months (slightly above budget but its lovely and has a pool so kids happy!), bought furniture for new rental, sorted broadband and insurance, DH had successful job interview....and on top of this have managed trips to the beach, an afternoon in Kings Park, and a visit to Perth city. So far, so good..... I still have an issue with my nursing registration but that seems an ongoing saga! Overall, we are all feeling settled. I cannot stress how helpful and friendly people are here. Nothing seems a problem and everyone we have met has offered advice or contact numbers. Onwards and upwards.....
  11. Ahpra have just declined my application which I find unbelievable. I have a BSc Hons degree in health and social care along with my advanced nursing diploma but they are disputing my qualifications. I have 20 years unbroken experience in the NHS and have worked as a senior nurse manager for the last 5 years. It's ludicrous. They have suggested the bridging programme which I'm not keen to do but won't rule out. Does anyone have any experience with this?? Any advice gratefully received. We land in Perth 7th September and This has sent me into a dizzy spin!! Jo
  12. JobyJo

    4 months in, our story so far...

    Such a great post Jen. We have our flights booked for 6th Sept so very excited! We are going to be NOR around kallaroo, beldon area we think. We have 14 year old twins and they are super excited. I hope they settle in ok but they are both easy going do should be fine - they are going to have to repeat 3 months of year 9 but hoping that will give them time to settle before starting year 10. I don't have a job to go to yet, but hubby does so feel relieved we will have one income! Not having a job is stressing me out a bit - I've worked since I finished uni so will be a big odd not to work! But I'm going to make the most of it for a while and am looking forward to spending more time with the children, running, cycling during the day rather than at night after a busy day at work! All our belongings are currently on a ship- it feels a bit surreal at the mo! But I can't wait ?
  13. JobyJo

    Junior Hockey Team wanted

    We are looking for a hockey club too. Thought Joondalup Lakers look good.
  14. JobyJo

    We are on our way....

    Thanks Tracey. They are hockey players and in an athletics club. They've Never been keen on rugby! ? It will make a change for me not watching them play hockey in minus temperatures!
  15. JobyJo

    We are on our way....

    Thank you. Sounds perfect.