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  1. Hi all, does anyone have a rough idea on how much of my tax I can claim back after my 2nd working holiday visa and the super aswell? Cheers
  2. TomG

    What internet provider to use?

    Cheers for that you've been a massive help. That sounds right i will go for the 100GB and see how much I use. They supply a TG-1 Router? Not sure what that is? Cheers
  3. TomG

    What internet provider to use?

    Cheers for that, in our area they can only offer us either 100GB a month for $30 or a 1000GB for $70. You think a 100GB would be enough?
  4. TomG

    What internet provider to use?

    Cheers for the replies. I have just been looking at the internode one and it seems pretty good with decent reviews too. They offer. 1000GB on the naked deal. will that be enough for things like Netflix and streaming programs?
  5. I have just moved into a house in east Fremantle, what would be the best/cheapest wifi with unlimited use? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your help we have started the process now. They seem very good and quick response time. Do you know if I will struggle to get my girlfriend on the PR visa? We have been together for around 19months. Thanks
  7. Me and my girlfriend are both here on our second working holiday visa. My job is on the SOL so we are looking at applying for PR. I came across go Matilda when searching for an agent as I have heard it saves a lot of hassle with the paper work? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your advice. We have both managed to secure work in our trades. They said mine is for 3 months but hopefully they will keep me on. We are going to look at applying for PR. Cheers!
  9. Hi all, Me and my girlfriend have been in Perth for 1 Month now. We are still looking for work. I am a CNC Machinist and my girlfriend is a Beauty Therapist and we both have 8 years experience. There a few new jobs for CNC Machinists popping up on the seek website that I have applied for but they seem to take ages to get back to me. Just wondering if anyone knows someone that could look at my CV or any help really. My girlfriend is after a job doing remedial massage or a casual cleaning job. Are there any agencies that sort cleaning work out or is gumtree the best bet for finding that type of work? Thanks
  10. Hi, I have checked the CSOL and the SOL list and my job is on both of these (metal machinist). Would you recommend the 189 visa? How long and how much does it roughly cost? I will be back in australia in 5 weeks on a Working Holiday Visa, I'm hoping I could get sponsored or try to the EOI from australia? Thanks
  11. Hi 'new life down under', I fly out to Perth on the 19th of October on my 2nd WHV. That would be great if you could pass my CV on would really appreciate it. Shall I email you it before I go? Is camilla@newlifedownunder.com.au the correct email? Thanks
  12. Thanks for information and help. I will do some reading up and see what's the best. How much does it usually cost? I went on to the immigration website and it said around £3500? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the information. Hopefully will find something but could always move to where work is. It's only my 2nd working holiday visa but I am hoping to apply for the skilled visa once I'm there. Started to fill out the EOI but decided to opt for the 2nd WHV and try and do it from aus? Thanks
  14. Hi all, I'm 26 and I'm a skilled cnc machinist by trade. Last year I did a 12 months working holiday visa then returned home. I started filling out the EOI then it asked me if I had my qualifications assessed by an authority TRA? I didn't know what to do but since then I have applied for my 2nd working holiday visa and been accepted. How would I go about staying in aus permantly. Is sponsorship the best way or could I apply for a skilled visa once I'm there? There's that many different types of visas I don't know what's the best option. Cheers
  15. I am moving to Perth in October and have sent my cv off to a few places and they have said it's pretty quiet at the moment because the mining industry is quiet and there has been a lot of redundancies. Is there still jobs out there or will I struggle to find a job. I have 8 years experience as a skilled cnc machinist. cheers