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  1. I know this has been probably asked lots of times.

    Called my  Australian Super  up as I wanted to know if I could transfer my UK pension direct to them. They told me no.

    Only Uk will charge me 40% if I cash it in.

    I only have about 20 thousand  Uk pension money. I still have a bank account opened in the UK.  And I plan to visit family for the first time in December. I was told  a friend if I put my Uk pension direct to my Uk bank account and pay no tax and draw out 10,000 Uk pounds whilst I am in UK.

    I am 55 and a permanent resident and I have applied for my Citizenship.

    Can you give any advice please.







    1. Andrew Williams

      Andrew Williams

      Hi Oz Dollar

      Thanks for the message.

      It is possible to transfer to an Australian Super Fund now you are over age 55.

      Can you send me an email so we can discuss offline?

      My email is Andrew@vistaf.com.au



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