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  1. Hello! I'm new to the group and looking for some advice since I have a very unique situation and cannot find anyone with a similar story. My fiancee, originally from Perth, has been interested in moving back since I met her (was planning on the next year, but has decided to stay a little longer for me ). Right now we live just outside of Philadelphia, which she moved to from NYC a year ago. She has been in the US for about 8 years and I have lived in the Philly area my whole life. We have discussed relocating to Perth on numerous occasions, and I am more than open to it and excited for the opportunity to live abroad. To complicate the move, however, is that we would be moving with my boys, ages 11 and 7, from my first marriage. Their mom and I have "joint" custody (they are with me about 80% of the time, but still considered joint) and their mom is aware that the move is possible and actually supports it -- for the opportunity our children would have to live abroad. There are no clauses in our divorce that prohibits such a move either and I have been the primary caretaker of the boys since they were born. The question/difficulty/issue I'm struggling to understand is around how to make sure my boys can live, go to school, eventually become citizens, etc. in Perth. I have read a bit about the visa/citizenship requirements for my personal situation, and feel like it's pretty straightforward (a pain, but straightforward), but have no clue what to do for my children since they are mine and wouldn't be adopted children of my Aussie fiancee either. The move is likely at least two years in the future but I want to begin prepping and understand exactly what would need to be done to make this move a possibility. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond! Cheers, Greg