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    Nurses Thread!

    Hello! My name is Louise, using my partner Craig's account I've been a qualified nurse now for nearly two years working as a scrub nurse in orthopaedic theatres. My partner and I have always wanted to go to Australia and now that his job in the oil and gas industry is at risk, its pushing us to just go for it! Just wanting to know which visa I/we should go for? Ive looked at a working holiday visa but wonder if I could work as a nurse with that visa??
  2. Hello Perth Poms, Quick query regarding the employability of a professional on a working holiday visa. As you all are probably aware, a working holiday visa restricts the visa holder to 6 months of work with an employer. Would this restriction reduce my chances of employability in my particular field? (Structural/Civil Engineering). Has anyone on this forum gained 6 months (or longer) experience in their field of expertise whilst on a WHV? Can employers potentially extend this 6 months period if need be? If so, could this potentially lead to sponsorship of a permanent visa? Thanks in advance. Craig.
  3. Thanks verystormy, I will keep this in mind. I think it may be better waiting until I have completed my Graduate Scheme as DyLeB mentioned above. This will mean I will have more experience under my belt and give me a better chance of getting back into this competitive market. Hopefully the oil price will increase in due course....
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply! Yes we have been living together for the last year and a half so hopefully there should be no issues there. I will take your advice on board! Cheers!
  5. Hello Perth Poms! Please be gentle as this is my first post on this forum. Me and my partner are looking to relocate to Perth within the next few years and are looking to get some advice from all you knowledgable folk. First a little about us. I currently work as a Graduate Structural Engineer for an Oil and Gas services company in Aberdeen. My girlfriend is a qualified nurse currently working in theatre (known as a scrub scout in Oz). We are both 23 and graduated in July 2014 (this will become relavant later) and looking for a fresh start in beautiful Perth Australia. In terms of Visas, I feel we may have two options. These are: Option 1: Apply for a Skilled - Recognised Graduate Visa (subclass 476). I am able to apply for this as I have a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Strathclyde (Washington Accord institution). This Visa is currently around £250, therefore it is significantly cheaper than a skilled migrant visa. However this Visa is only temporary (18 months). I also have to apply before the end of July 2016 which we intend on doing anyway. Do you think this type of visa could hinder my chances of securing a graduate position? Option 2: Either myself or my partner get sponsered on a skilled migrant visa. ( In the current Oil and Gas market, this would likely be my other half....) Do you think with this visa being permanent would help my chances of securing a position? As I mentioned previously, the oil and gas market is rather bleak at the moment, therefore I am more than willing to go into onshore construction works if need be. Is there any recent graduates currently in Perth who could give me any advice on applying? Do graduate programs typically hire international graduates? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards Craig