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  1. Emily Jamie Page

    Holiday accommodation or a rental?

    Cheers for all of ur advice guys x
  2. Emily Jamie Page

    When to sell UK home?

    Thankyou for replies, it is a hard one. No right or wrong, we'll SPK with some estate agents and c what they say. Xx
  3. Emily Jamie Page

    When to sell UK home?

    Hey guys! Hope u r all having a good day? Just a query regarding when to put house on market back in UK. We have to sell our house to be able to afford to move to oz. Its such a gamble to when we do it, as it could take ages to sell, it may not take ages (we sold our last house in 2 days and only took 8 wks to complete!) Do we put it on market 6mths into my visa and once visa granted can then complete and move knowing I got my visa. I don't want to sell until visa granted but want to go as soon as it does! Such dilemmas! What has anyone else done in same situation? Very grateful for help received Emxx
  4. Emily Jamie Page

    PR visa - job question ?

    This is something I'm going to look at. I hold an adult nursing diploma and up until recently have worked as a HCA, could I do this in oz or would I have to do their aged care course? Cheers x
  5. Emily Jamie Page

    Is it hard making friends, or is it us!!!!

    When do u hope to be flying out? Have u booked flights yet? We emigrated back in 2012, Hubby's half brother lives in moora, so we went there. I had been before, so knew what it was like. Hubby just didn't settle well, so we returned 12mths later. Come back to UK to realise grass isn't greener here! So decided to head back but nearer Perth. Hoping for nor as I love joondalup and the surrounding area,but we will look round first to double make sure, lol. I know I wish I used this forum more the first time! Don't know y I didn't! Lol. Its so helpful and everyone is great. Just gotta get the visa lodged and the waiting game begins. Lol. Hope it all goes well for u? Do u have work lined up? Thanks for reply Em x
  6. Emily Jamie Page

    Re-training in nursing

    Many thanks for your reply @ali. I'll prob get in touch with the uni to find out fees then. If I have to waoit til I get my citizenship, then I'll have to wait, I'll just work as a HCA to gain experience until that time. I feel a return to nursing programme isn't enough time for me. They are 12 wks long in the Uk, as I've prev looked into this. Not sure if any different in oz as I can't seem to find much info out there. Lol Cheers for help Em x
  7. Emily Jamie Page

    Re-training in nursing

    I have been thinking recently about returning to nursing. I am going to do this once my PR is granted. I am basically going to start from scratch, and either re-train as an enrolled nurse or a registered nurse. I hold a diploma in adult nursing, qualified 2005, but never continued due to personal circumstances (bereaved). I have recently done some HCA work to gain recent experience, and build confidence due to time away and lack of post qualifying experience, one of the reasons I just want to start from scratch. Does anybody know how the course fees work in Perth? Do students receive bursaries like in the UK? I've looked at the tafe website and also Edith Cowan uni website to see what my options could be. Any advice greatly appreciated. Kind regards x
  8. Emily Jamie Page

    Is it hard making friends, or is it us!!!!

    Blaby for 7yrs now new parks! Lol
  9. Emily Jamie Page

    Work visa for 6 months, am i too old??

    Hey, the cut off age for a working holiday visa is 30. I had one back in 2012 when I was 29. Not sure what ur other options would be. I'm sure someone will know though. Hope it works out for u.
  10. Emily Jamie Page

    Is it hard making friends, or is it us!!!!

    ahh a fellow leicester-farian :-)
  11. Emily Jamie Page

    Holiday accommodation or a rental?

    Thankyou @verystormy. We figured we could always extend holiday accom if needed.
  12. Emily Jamie Page

    Holiday accommodation or a rental?

    I read on a different thread that someone managed to secure a rental within days. They viewed on the wed and by the sat they could move in. Im thinking I'll chance it and get a holiday appt for 2-3 weeks and try and secure a rental in that time. Lol. No way is right way I suppose.
  13. Emily Jamie Page

    Holiday accommodation or a rental?

    Can I ask, where did u stay for 6 weeks?
  14. Emily Jamie Page

    Career Change

    Me too. I've been at a loss what I really want to do with myself for ten years since I left uni.
  15. Hey guys! Just wondering what other people have done or will be doing when they first arrive. is it best to stay in holiday accommodation for first 2weeks then choose a rental or can we secure a rental before we leave the uk? I didn't want to waste money on a hotel if we could in fact secure a rental. Is it quick to rent a house? would 2 weeks in a hotel be enough even, would we need a month? would love to hear what others have done, and thankyou so much in advance for replies. this site is awesome and wish I used it more when I first emigrated lol cheers guys emily (& Hubby, Jamie) x